The Indian in The Cupboard

The Indian in The Cupboard

A nine-year-old boy gets a plastic Indian and a cupboard for his birthday and finds himself involved in adventure when the Indian comes to life and befriends him.

The movie follows a little boy who receives very special birthday gifts: a wooden cupboard that can bring his inanimate dolls to life from his brother and a little Indian figure made of plastic from his best friend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tit M (br) wrote: comedie trop limite malgr les deux bons acteurs

Matthew C (kr) wrote: Despite what a seeming horde of critics have said about this film, I think it's quite beautiful. Its emotions are honest and its visuals are often breathtaking -- even when the subject in frame is seemingly benign. I can sympathize with those who lament the presence of apparent Terrence Malick cliches, such as women endlessly and whimsically frolicking all over kingdom come. Perhaps the man has a thing for extremely free-spirited women. Anyway, I'll admit that such moments do take me out of the film as well -- at least momentarily. By the by, there's far too much for me to like here to dismiss this Malick-ian, stream-of-consciousness drama. The actors draw me in with their honest portrayals; and the camera pulls me along with images that can somehow remain both raw/documentary-style, and beautifully cinematic.

Borhan K (kr) wrote: I started watching this last night and managed to finally finish it to night. Its basically a love story between two girls for something different and maybe taboo in cultures but anyway this love story was talking about a kind of pact that these two girl make to each other at an early age and they were stressed the importance of this pact promise vow whatever you want to call it. It was an interesting love story only had two problems firstly it was a tad too slow for my liking and some parts or well parts were spoken in mandarin and i had no subtitles in my DVD quality version soo it was hard to follow but i managed to get the whole thing in the end. Ohh and on a side note hugh jackman also plays a small part in this movie. Not for everyone if you are into art type drama films go for it. THe costumes and cinematography was great.

Christopher O (fr) wrote: Friends had told me about this play years ago. I heard the soundtrack of the play and enjoyed the music but still had not seen it. Then finally I saw it the other day and can say it was fun to watch. The men are handsome and the songs are fun. I was interested in the extras on the DVD about the making of the film but shocked to hear that some of the men did not know they were going to film it in front of a live audience as if you were at the play. They said they not sure if they could do that! LOL... Oh well... I think I would have enjoyed the play more since the film did not make me laugh once... yet there was "laughing" on the soundtrack were I guess it was funny...

Juan G (de) wrote: La encuentro como una de las mejores pelculas colombianas. Narrativa muy fresca, especificidades estilisticas bien manejadas y una trama bastante criolla.

Johnathon W (gb) wrote: Delightful romantic comedy that is excellent for the most part but suffers from too many characters & subplots. The cast is uniformly excellent, the highlights being Hugh Grant as a befuddled new Prime Minister & Emma Thompson as a wife who discovers her husband is having an affair (her breakdown scene is one of the highlights of her distinguished career). The scene stealer, though, is Bill Nighy as an aging rocker dealing with having produced a cheesy Christmas song & deciding not to hide how he feels about it. Behind the camera, writer/director Richard Curtis crafts a fun 'romantic comedy epic', intertwining the various stories in natural ways while exploring everything from first crushes to adultery. Unfortunately, he has too many characters & plots that drags the film down a bit. Two in particular, one involving a Brit traveling to the United States to hook up with American girls, while another involving body doubles for a sex scene in a film, could have easily been cut. Plus, the material should have been toned down to PG-13, considering a main story is a young boy declaring his love to his first crush. Overall, still a fun, romantic movie and a great addition to the holiday film rotation.

Marcelino P (jp) wrote: I enjoyed this film portrayal of a truly determine lead character who has chosen a path unbeknown to me. The film at the same time focuses on the relationship between two distinct generation of farmers. The contrast and novelty of the lead character generates an intriguing story of human resilience and tenacity mixed with great intelligence and resourcefulness.

Matt A (us) wrote: All of the Up films are worth seeing, but this is the one where the series becomes more than just a curiosity. Most subjects have married, a few with kids, and a few with missing parents, and to see what early adulthood has done to many of them in just four "chapters" is really quite remarkable. A great place to start with these movies, and Neil's story in particular is heartbreaking.

Evan W (nl) wrote: I didn't see the original to have a bias or anything, I just thought this one was kind of dumb.

Javier V (br) wrote: Es una locura! El primer reality show, quizs, de Mxico dirigida por Lus Buuel y fotografiada por Gabriel Figueroa. Aqu el fuerte bien puede ser Silvia Pinal, pero nos damos cuenta de que no es una historia en la que alguien se lucir como actor sino que ser parte de un conjunto que dar un todo que se desvive en una gran metfora sobre la voluntad y la fe, el origen de nuestras creencias y de nuestros valores. Una cinta en extremo interesante y bajo un ojo surrealista brillante.

Sean F (us) wrote: They should call this movie Johnny Deformed!

Dan I (au) wrote: It's amazing to look back and see how dark some elements of comedies aimed toward kids (intentionally or not) truly were. The stuff with the dead girl at the beginning of this, the weird sexual overtones of his partner and her fianc, it's amazing that this movie is looked on so favorably when it's got a few moments of, "Holy shit, this is in a kid's movie?" Still, Arnold knocked it out of the park and the writing was impeccable for this film. Kudos.

Jason K (fr) wrote: Unnecessary But Very Fun

Crews O (us) wrote: I think that people are being too harsh on this film because it stars Adam Sandler and Friends. Personally, I really like this film. Even if the story is predictable, it's still engaging with some heartfelt moments and great humor. The animation is great on the monsters, the backgrounds, and the effects when it comes to being a 3-D cartoon. However, SPA seriously needs to work on their human animations and designs. Anyways, the characters are likable and memorable with some fantastic voice acting even if they are predictable as well. If you guys get the chance, don't see this film as a crappy Sandler film. See it as a fun animated comedy that the family can enjoy.