The Informers

The Informers

A collection of intersecting short stories set in early 1980's Los Angeles, depicts a week in the lives of an assortment of socially alienated, mainly well-off characters who numb their sense of emptiness with casual sex, violence, and drugs.

A multi-strand narrative set in early 1980's Los Angeles, centered on an array of characters who represent both the top of the heap (a Hollywood dream merchant, a dissolute rock star, an aging newscaster) and the bottom (a voyeuristic doorman, an amoral ex-con). Connecting the intertwining strands are a group of beautiful, blonde young men and women who sleep all day and party all night, doing ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Noam T (kr) wrote: I may be alone on this one, but it was better than the first. It's not by any means a good movie, but its light hearted and makes you feel good at the end

leah f (de) wrote: Good stuff, mane. If you grew up with this flick and watch it several years later, it's like watching your childhood bounce around on screen, albeit with a little bit of clunky, but for the most part appealing, computer animation.

brendan n (fr) wrote: funny and very quirky film really benefits from a well rounded cast. i seen the had some good reviews and thought it would be worth the investment to take a look and discovered a worthy and quite flawed movie. the cast seems to lack alot of chemistry but when they are enjoying themselves it comes across the screen well. clever at times and quite sloppy as well the film unfortunately didn't benefit from a no cast name. the writing could of delivered a bit darker jokes and worked the quirky angle a little better but otherwise a funny film and one that shouldn't be forgotten like it has

Greg W (us) wrote: cant believe i have 2 redo these-grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Steve D (au) wrote: A decent time waster with some very funny scenes worth a watch

James W (de) wrote: One of my guilty pleasure make you feel good movies

Adrianna M (ru) wrote: Quirky much in the fashion of Burton's Big Fish, this romantic fairytale might get nowhere near its spiritual successor in terms of the quality of acting, but it certainly has some magic of its own. When I hear Roger Ebert saying that the place of magic realism is not on a farm in New Zealand or with this story, I have to disagree. The cows, the breathtaking NZ lanscapes, the rural, slightly altered state of reality - and somehow Harry Sinclair (that guy you saw for a few moments, playing Isildur in Lord of the Rings) manages to make it work. Plot in short? Oh, the trials of love... They may not make much sense at first, but then, at the very end, all the loose threads of the storyline come together to form a perfect, warm... quilt.

Nandi C (fr) wrote: Spike Lee may be loved by some and reviled by others, but this film about a group of diverse men going to the Million Man March in Washington D.C. is a film that will make you think.

Kitty C (de) wrote: Might have seen it...

scott g (gb) wrote: werner hertzog with another film about passion and survival, climbers going for there goal to climb a tough mountain, and the competivness of other athletes, endangering lives too achieve there goal, with a great performfance from donald sutherland as the media side of things, and great loking harsh conditions

Brad W (mx) wrote: This veers off into some real horror elements, so it caught my interest.

Shane O (ru) wrote: An absolutely travesty, a godawful mess of such unbelievable proportions in every possible department. The plot is disjointed and has no clear end or message in sight, the characters as bland as bread without butter, an unacceptably bad abundance of sheer pointless scenes that only drag the film's pace down even slower. A film so bad, that it makes 90 minutes feel longer than watching the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy back to back. "Every Which Way But Loose" is not only bad; it is a braindead, pathetic excuse for entertainment and embarrassing to the art of film.Truly the worst film ever made.

Kevin L (ru) wrote: Chock full of esoteric symbolism. This film can be seen on many different levels. The score added much tension and was driving me crazy. Friggin illuminati and their sex rituals...

lakia h (gb) wrote: how do i watch this movie for free

Andy P (de) wrote: Smashed has an undeniably warm spirit at it's core that refuses to judge or condemn it's characters, but is also unafraid of exploring the dark side of alcoholism with it's frank and human drama.