The Inheritance

The Inheritance

On his deathbed, a wealthy businessman announces that his fortune is to be split equally among his three illegitimate children, whose whereabouts are unknown to his family and colleagues. A bevy of lawyers and associates then begin machinations to procure the money for themselves, enlisting the aid of impostors and blackmail

On his deathbed, a wealthy businessman announces that his fortune is to be split equally among his three illegitimate children, whose whereabouts are unknown to his family and colleagues. A... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James H (es) wrote: 26/100. I couldn't get past the incredibly poor acting. When they were filming, wasn't it painfully obvious that this was going to be an awful movie? The score is just as bad as the acting. The plot is a very worn out one, the movie is riddled with cliche's. Bad special effects and the film lacks anything even resembling atmosphere.

Kai S (au) wrote: Todd smith you love the word creepy hay

Liliana B (mx) wrote: The movie could have been ok, but the plot just wasn't woven smartly enough. A major plot point I was particularly annoyed with was when Vivek's character, having the exact address of the terrorists, all together in one place, decided that he would do a better job at stopping their evil plot than a whole squad of FBI and police agents... Come on now! I understand that if he had turned them over to the police, there would be no movie, but they should have included a feasible reason in the script for the character not to want to turn them into the police and to deal with them himself... Oh, and the sex scene was so arbitrarily included in the story it's not even funny.

Olly H (es) wrote: ich werd zu alt fr diesen metzelkram...gebt mir was schnes zu sehen...unterhaltsam aber gegen ende unfassbar brutal

Joanne S (ag) wrote: Probably will see it sometime

Dave G (gb) wrote: A decent film, was a bit drawn out though.

Ryan G (mx) wrote: One of the better documentaries I've seen.

Maymay A (gb) wrote: Though City of Angels is nowhere near perfect or even beautiful, Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage's strong chemistry made it work. And I loved Iris.

Marj D (de) wrote: I thoroughly enjoyed this. It's probably very unfair to compare it to Dangerous Liaisons but I will anyway, even though I haven't seen it for years. This one seems a lot lighter and a bit more fun. Fairuza Balk in particualr is perfect as the bewildered 15 year old and Colin Firth knows how to wear a frilly shirt!

Steve G (nl) wrote: This is what Lord of the Rings would look like if it was good.Superior to its predecessor, regardless of what anyone else might say. Far more interesting in every possible way; without any of the boredom, gratuitousness of the previous film.One of the great action/adventure movies of my time. The first action movie I ever saw in my life. Grace Jones' androgyny both confused & scared me. The monster in the mirror room gave me nightmares. Loved the score! Arnold at his most ripped. Dagoth was not quite as impressive as he could've been. Of all people to be assigned with the task of protecting the princess' virginity, they chose Wilt Chamberlain?

Linda D (ag) wrote: Read the book and saw the moving when it was released. Great movie......watching on WGBX PBS 44 tonight. Donald Sutherland plays a great role as german spy!

Marcos R (br) wrote: Slow-moving and quietly beautiful.

Jaime R (gb) wrote: The screenwriter proves again that he was an authentic visionary way ahead of his time, as in all his works. Fantastic movie!

Andrew L (br) wrote: Better to rest in the warm belly of a friend than in the cold cold ground

Gabriel C (kr) wrote: Click's worthy premise would have worked had it not fallen under Happy Madison's grasp.

Simon T (us) wrote: Third slice of simian hokum. But at least it lightens up - at times you could think you were watching an episode of The Monkees - and we at last get fewer ponderous courtroom scenes and more emotional investment in the plight of the apes. Jerry Goldsmith compensates for the sometimes funereal pacing, and Roddy McDowall is better than usual as chief ape. Poor Kim Hunter - from Streetcar to this.

Les E (it) wrote: We know that both these guys can be great in the baddie role but neither of them were bad enough here and they cancelled each other out.

Caroline P (kr) wrote: Over a decade later, this feels overly long and over-hyped with a needlessly complicated plot. However, as silly swashbuckling adventures go, this remains one of the most fun and well-styled films out there. Captain Jack Sparrow is still amusing and iconic, even if half his lines are overused catch phrases.