The Inside

The Inside

A group of girls are terrorized by violent vagrants before succumbing to a horrific supernatural evil.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A group of girls are terrorized by violent vagrants before succumbing to a horrific supernatural evil. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan H (br) wrote: I don't think that mublecore and noir could be mixed together any better than the way Katz did it in Cold Weather. We get the mumblecore with the character development, which goes up to about 25 minutes into the movie, then when the mystery sets in we are totally in line with the characters. Then once the mystery's there we watch the characters react as they should. What's most interesting is that once the plot takes place it doesn't suddenly change styles. You know how in detective movies or mysteries there's always the scenes that you know are cut out because it's just the characters talking? That's pretty much all this is. The stakeouts aren't just some comedic scenes with lines spoken that will come up later. They're not things that are said so you feel a closer connection to the characters. They're not talking and getting a stronger relationship. The talking in these scenes are done because they are two people together trying to find information for the mystery, and they also cut in with things about their personal lives. Cold Weather is also Katz best looking film. The cinematography has really been raised here to being one of the best looking mumblecore films. The story here is really about Doug, a man who moved back in with his sister after dropping out of college and isn't pursuing what he went to college for. Instead he gets a job at an ice factory in Portland. There he makes a friend named Carlos who's also a DJ. One day Doug's ex-girlfriend Rachel comes to Portland because she has a job here for a little while and so he goes to see how she's doing. Their relationship obviously ended well because they continue to hang out afterwords. Doug's sister, Gail, seems like a loner. She only hangs out with Doug and his friends. We hear about her about to go on a date, but she thinks it's embarrassing to say she's going on a date. Why? Because that's just the way she is. She's not the "find new people on your own" type. One day at work, Doug gives Carlos a Sherlock Holmes book and he realizes that Holmes is awesome. He's not like Basil Rathbone who has a big hat and a huge pipe. Doug says he wants to be a detective like the classic Holmes, not the detective like CSI, which is probably why he left college and the forensic science field. But one night when Rachel's supposed to go to Carlos's show they discover she's missing. This is the opportunity Doug's been looking for; real detective work. He doesn't believe Carlos at first, but then starts to realize that Rachel might actually be missing and they go looking for her. I enjoyed how real their investigation felt. They go check out the room, same as the last time Carlos was there but the door's locked. They get the room next to hers so they can get over there from the balcony. Then when they need back in they don't try some secretive way to go back; Carlos makes the terrible cover up that he forgot something in the room and they will be right back after they discover a man in a cowboy hat was just in the earlier today for a little bit of time. What they begin to discover is that Rachel's an exotic call girl, which isn't quite what she told Doug she was doing there. They keep doing more detective work and finally discover she's not missing, but she's hiding because she's wrapped up in a bad plot with a briefcase full of money. The problem is she's lost the briefcase. They decide that the photographer that sent Rachel out must have taken the money himself and now they have to get the briefcase back in order to save Rachel. Within the mystery we see Gail and Doug connecting. There are tons of real life moments, like Gail telling Doug she wants to be in the driver's seat because he doesn't trust her. Doug tells Carlos on the stakeout he doesn't want Swedish Fish because they stick to his teeth, then the rest of the stakeout we see him eating them. And I love the end where he plops in the cassette that he made for his sister in high school. The ending's quite odd for a mystery/noir. I guess Katz here decided that we already know the ending of the mystery, so why show more? Gail already grabbed the briefcase, Doug slashed the tires of the guys trying to screw over Rachel, and Rachel and Carlos are on their way to meet them, which they will then drop off the money and be finished with all of this. That's where the mumblecore comes back in to play, especially in Katz's style. In his two previous films there weren't really a true ending, but we got all of the character stuff we need to do the rest. Here we were just watching a brother and sister from the start trying to figure out how this living together situation was going to go. We also want to see Doug do what he truly wants to do: be a detective. And we get to see him do this successfully. He buys a pipe and everything. I really like Cris Lankenau. I thought he was really great in Quiet City and this. He's sincere and interesting to watch. Of course Trieste Kelly Dunn was great in this as well. In fact, I enjoyed the whole cast (minus Brendan McFadden. I don't think he needs to be putting himself in his films at all). Cold Weather is now up there with Hump Day and The Puffy Chair for greatest mumblecore films I've seen.

Kartik M (it) wrote: I see many reviews on this site by people who don't really understand Hindi , through subtitles people felt the feel good factor about the movie , but missed out how funny this movie is , Chaturs speech was the funniest thing i ever heard , people went bonkers in the theater , many Indian traits like expensive vegetable rants of Raju's mom ,Strict College Dean ,Ragging in Indian colleges (which has considerably stopped from last 7 or 8 years) , again character of Chatur is what makes this movie Legendary . Director RajKumar Hirani is the best thing happened to Indian cinema in 21st century , because this is not even his best movie , His Munna bhai series had even a bigger impact in the Indian Culture , brought many lingos ,expressions , mannerisms to the Indian culture .

Joanna C (fr) wrote: A good mix of reality TV, interesting convicts, and zombies in a futuristic island trying to survive. Entertaining with good special effects and fight sequences!

Vivian C (mx) wrote: A horror movie without ghosts~~

Cedric L (mx) wrote: Smart, well-acted and well-directed.

The D (kr) wrote: This starts off in a quite slapstick fashion but one brutal attack leads Millia's Kat to take matters into her own hands finally wanting to put an end to her mental & physical torture. He's a drunk wheeler dealer. You want it, he can get it. Mainly guns.Several admirers would like to take Kat for their own, she uses them all to execute her plan.A good cast put in solid performances but it's quite short & the characters are not really built up. The attacks are quite heavy but performed well.

Stephanie S (gb) wrote: It's a fairly funny movie, which gets its jokes from word play and puns. It isn't the funniest movie you'll ever see, however you'll get some enjoyment out of watching it.

Diganta B (jp) wrote: absolute story telling for establishing political propaganda unless history

Private U (es) wrote: Having seen all four, I'd rate this third overall. Edmonds, director of the original, takes all the exploitation elements and gives it a middle-Eastern spin. Fun stuff, but not as graphic as the first Ilsa.

Chuck K (gb) wrote: If you're an auto racing fan, you'll like this movie. Otherwise, I'm thinking you won't. It's nearly devoid of dialogue and plot. The racing scenes are super authentic and every fact is absolutely correct. It's called an "action movie" and "documentary style" by reviewers. It's interesting from that standpoint, if you're a film fan. Basically, it's just car porn. Very good car porn from the 1970s.

Aldo G (es) wrote: This is one of my favorite films. Paths of Glory captures the horror of war, the cruelty of immorality and the triumph of the human spirit in a manner that touched me deeply when I first saw it at the age of 13. Three standout elements in the movie: 1) the battle sequences, when the French army takes on an impossible mission, demonstrate the absurdity of war 2) Colonel Dax's (Kirk Douglas) heroic efforts to save three soldiers unfairly being tried for cowardice and 3) the closing sequence which brilliantly showed the savage beast within us being tamed. A masterpiece.

Erin D (es) wrote: not bad but the book was better