The Inugamis

The Inugamis

A web of deceit, adultery and greed manifests in Kon Ichikawa's remake of his own 1976 hit about a murder investigation that reveals years of hidden skeletons and a shocking family secret.

A remake of the 1976 award winning film. When tycoon Inugami Sahei passes away, he unexpectedly leaves the family fortune to outsider Tamayo on the condition that she marry one of the Inugami grandsons - Sukekiyo, Suketake, or Suketomo - pitting blood against blood. Soon afterwards, members of the family begin to show up dead, one by one. Detective Kindaichi Kosuke is called in to investigate the murders, and the truth is slowly revealed as he happens upon years of hidden skeletons and a shocking family secret. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Private U (jp) wrote: A very intriguing, well written, and beautifully shot film. I've not seen a story with this type of storyline that wasn't extremely unrealistic or cheesy or both. Michael Eklund (who I loved in Xavier Gens' The Divide) does a superior job of carrying the lead role. He is supported by fantastic cast.

Nica S (mx) wrote: [Rec] 4 still proves to be able to give thrills as it goes back to the same atmospheric and claustrophobic setting in the first film, but it doesn't compare to the first installation of this series.

Horacio G (ag) wrote: Un par de escenas divertidas y buena accin. El resto para el olvido

Suncica M (it) wrote: New approach to rape and revenge topic - fresh and a bit terrifying - makes us wonder 'who are we to judge anyone?'. Simple, background sounds play the main role here and, together with interesting music that blends in so well, lead the story in such an amazing way - without them the film wouldn't be half as strong as it is. Emotional attack in a way - making you anticipate something all the time throughout the film.

Jay L (au) wrote: Rod Lurie (The Contender) directs this surprising and intriguing true story of a champion boxer who is living on the streets homeless. A great tale of the power of hope, trust, and most importantly family. A strange story, but a great film, I guarantee this one will you catch you off guard. The twist in the story is strange, and well it's just downright weird but it kept me engaged, wondering all the way through. One of the better boxing films that I have seen, it's no Hurricane or Raging Bull, but that being said it's an entertaining tale that's for sure. Samuel L Jackson and Josh Hartnett star. Jackson's role is one of his best as a homeless ex boxing champ. Hartnett is also likeable as an up and coming sports writer. Resurrecting The Champ is a very likeable and quite a powerful film as well. It also features good acting by Rachel Nichols and Kathryn Morris. Good film.

Robson T (au) wrote: Interessante mas podia ser mais bem trabalhado.

Trevor H (us) wrote: A superb and beautifully told story of love, loyalty and companionship in the State of Alabama in the 1930s. This movie stands head and shoulders above its contemporaries because of the hugely talented acting of the four lead women. An absolute must-see.

Glenn C (gb) wrote: I was 13 years old when I first saw Santa Sangre. This was at a time when I was discovering world cinema and was addicted to the films shown on SBS. Santa Sangre was one of many that left a huge impression on me... others included Benny's Video, Homework, A Short Film About Killing and The Double Life of Veronique. Once seen, Santa Sangre cannot be unseen and so you can imagine the impact it would have on a 13 year old. Avant Garde is a term you don't hear much of anymore but that describes the film perfectly. Directed by renowned filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky, its a Mexican-Italian joint production about a boy who grows up in the circus and witnesses his mother have both of her arms severed by an enraged husband. Ending up in a mental asylum the boy grows up in a primate state, disconnected from being human. As an adult his mother walks back into his life and together they perform as expressionists. She being armless, he stands behind her and acts as her arms, delivering a bizarre and mesmerising show. Before long their attachment becomes a dependancy and an obsession that leads to jealousy and murder. It's a strange and wonderful film. Ultra violent, often sexual and completely unique... its a daring piece of surreal cinema that demands your attention. Watch it as an art film and you will be caught up in its trance. I've watched it dozens of times and it gets better with each viewing. Expect a graphic and beautiful mind-fuck!

Grayson W (au) wrote: I am surprised that this movie has so many negative reviews. It stars Oliver Reed and is clearly a very large influence for The Shining.

Jens T (fr) wrote: Viy is by many stated as the very first horror film ever created in the Soviet Union. It's based on the Ukrainian 19th century story by Nikolai Gogol. It's the tale about the young seminary student named Khoma Brutus who's send out from his studies to go to a village to perform exorcism on a young maiden who just died but still haunts the village. Her father gives Khoma the task of spending three night alone with her corpse inside the church, which something of course is all other than a nice experience.Looking at Viy with today's eyes, it's special effects are poor, and indeed with some very laughable blue-screen effects that is kind of awful, even at that time. But then again it's just funny, even though I feel that it's all done in a studio, which kind of destroy the experience. But it's still some very scary moments that would probably traumatize young children, but is a horror treat for the adult audience. I specially liked Natalya Varley's performance as the possessed girl. It's really scary. It is in fact a spooky film, and exhilarating horror film in true Tim Burton style, with some boring moments, but overall a horror film that passes the test as a horror film, but not passes the test of time. Thumbs up.