The Invader

The Invader

Good alien from a dying race must impregnate an Earth woman to avoid extinction of his race. Bad alien whose race helped wipe out good alien's race doesn't want to see this happen.

Good alien from a dying race must impregnate an Earth woman to avoid extinction of his race. Bad alien whose race helped wipe out good alien's race doesn't want to see this happen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler S (mx) wrote: This good action movie shows that Brosnan still has the goods with an absolute commanding performance. I am not sure what other critics have said, but I thought he was fantastic. The plot was somewhat disappointing and took some unnecessary turns to get to the point, but Brosnan carried the movie. You can definitely see the Bourne influences and even appreciate that movie more than I ever have .There were different plots going on here and the movie didn't effectively send a clear direction. Despite all that the action sequences were pretty good and watching Brosnan at his age do what he did was really fun to watch. It seemed he was dialed in as a former CIA agent who on the run trying to protect a female who the Russians and CIA are after.She has a dark secret that Brosnan himself is trying to figure out during the whole movie.The movie explores revenge, family, and doing what you have to do in order to survive.While the plot is somewhat weak and full of cliches (especially the ending) I felt this was one of Brosnans best performances that overall make this film worth a watch.

Thaddaeus D (it) wrote: another wonderful action adventure film that was based with Tom Cruise on an actual case event

Scott W (gb) wrote: 4- supposed to really good.

Grant F (ru) wrote: I hated this film. It seemed like an utterly nonsensical spoof of psycho. I hated it with a passion.

Gaiti F (it) wrote: One of the best Canadians (technically a Quebec film) ever made. Excellent!

MZ Metra (kr) wrote: It was good never really seen ving Rhames in that way!

you k (de) wrote: Morris' portrait is a seriously uncomfortable affair, not primarily because Leuchter comes across as creepy at times, but because the man comes to represent the very same state legitimacy that underpins both capital punishment in the United States and the Nazi genocide of "non-citizens".

Stephen S (de) wrote: Okay. There's just nothing really noteworthy about this film, although it is still entertaining.

Venisha W (us) wrote: I hate myself for loving this.

John Y (nl) wrote: Really bad and poorly put together band movie that really should have come out in the 60's.

Michael W (de) wrote: This film while entertaining is not one I would own let alone watch but it completes my Sandra Bullock collection.Sandra B's first film but moving as well is the arial shot of the World Trade Towers. We as a Nation will never forget due to our long history movies based in New York.

Daniel P (de) wrote: They don't make them like this anymore! Features an electrified vibrator ~ shocking!

Bill M (ru) wrote: I have chosen films over books for about a decade. 2012 will be a turnaround year.

A K (au) wrote: Not the best of this genre, but...

Alex M (au) wrote: An excellent movie that stands the test of time! This is definitely one of the best book to movie adaptations of all time! This movie is easily the peak of Gregory Peck's career, who plays Atticus Finch. No wonder why it is required to read this book in U.S. high schools!

Luis M (kr) wrote: Tal vez sea muy difcil decidir cual sea la mejor pelcula de John Ford si tomamos en cuenta su gran legado de obras maestras. En lo personal pondra dentro de mis favoritas a 'El delator', 'La legin Invencible' y el 'Sargento negro'. En esta ltima tenemos una grandiosa actuacin de Woody Strode, quien es acusado de un crimen que no cometi. La fotografa es estupenda; el guin es muy bueno y hay que considerla tambin como una de las grandes pelculas de juicios.

Dwayne S (ca) wrote: It went way off point from the plot but i guess it was a good watch

Alexander P (au) wrote: Woody Allen's nostalgic love letter to the radio is delightful.