The Invaluable Treasure

The Invaluable Treasure

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To further her career, elite commercial director Peggy agrees to leave her husband and her young son at home to shoot an ad on an isolated offshore island with alcoholic, incompetent action star Mr. Big. With the star, his family, his manager, and their children, Peggy attracts the attention of gangster Cobra, who is on the island to search for a legendary treasure left from the Ming Dyanasty. Juggling a spoiled superstar, kids, and a team of evildoers, how will Peggy get herself off the island so she can see family again? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin K (fr) wrote: A terrible film and the "happy" ending is unjustified. Awful acting by the lead actor, but even worse was the writing,

Jacob B (es) wrote: It plagiarises without hesitation from other sci-fi classics and doesn't really break any new ground but Click benefits from tons of laughs, a charming cast with Christopher Walken ultimately stealing the show in every scene he's in and an unexpected dramatic third act which is ultimately heartbreaking and compensates for any flaws it had in the first two acts.

Charles M (it) wrote: Mmmmmm. . . Stacy, Stacy, STACY!!

Ashley T (nl) wrote: Fabulous acting in this simply-told, but very complex story about adult relationships and friendships and the changing dynamics of a group going through their mid-life crisis years.

Peter P (gb) wrote: Great super cheesy brutality. It is great that it tries to make a political statement, while at the same time having a guy who actually has a "Hand" grenade. Brilliant, in a stupid kind of way.

Cody B (kr) wrote: Did not make me fear ventriloquist dummies. Extra half star for the dead kid strung up like a marionette. Very creative.

soul r (au) wrote: tense crime thriller

Kristal C (it) wrote: This type of film has been done before and in such a smarter, more visceral manner. I like the class jealousy angle but it was so surface-y it sort of felt like an afterthought. The performances were all pretty good though.