The Invincible Kung Fu Legs

The Invincible Kung Fu Legs

Tan, a Northern Chinese kung fu expert, kills a man using his lethal bootwork in self defense. He is then hired to train a bratty princess and her servant in kung fu. In the meantime, the ...

Tan, a Northern Chinese kung fu expert, kills a man using his lethal bootwork in self defense. He is then hired to train a bratty princess and her servant in kung fu. In the meantime, the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kai K (ca) wrote: not much depth in this muvee...if not for jay chou i probably will not even wanna watch it.

Mert Y (us) wrote: Could this be 'Atatrk' people want to know? His views on religion are disregarded even now

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Kerby H (kr) wrote: This is not a particularly good movie, but it's enjoyably stupid. Anna Faris and John Krasinski are hilarious, and the direction is surprisingly well done. The majority of this movie is dumb comedy, but it works well.

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Kenneth S (fr) wrote: Take a seat and enjoy a scintillating conversation with legendary film director Ingmar Bergman. This fascinating individual makes a great subject for a documentary.

Tim M (ag) wrote: TV quality, but nice supplement to Cage's "Bad Lieutenant". Good shootouts. Method Man, Flanery, Rutten and Mandylor keep it from being an entire cast of unknowns.

Matt M (es) wrote: A detective with a dark family past investigates on murders of men she slept with. Full of plot holes, cheesy plot developments and taking itself too seriously, this just looks like a horrible copy of a Hitchcock type film formula.

Adam R (ca) wrote: (First viewing - Late childhood)

Kyle M (gb) wrote: Downey Jr. has a great acting career with notable roles (Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes), and "Chaplin" is definitely one of them as his role as the famous silent comedian is his probable best. This biopic of Charles Chaplin follows its sources really well, making this a great tribute of the legend, capturing the heart, laughs, and emotions Chaplin had faced that was putted into his films. But the emotions were over-dramatized by the movie drama cloth. Although, the cloth also shows good production values and its cast. (B+)(Full review coming soon)

Clayton R (nl) wrote: Undeniably loony but not without its moments. Revolutionary special effects help shadow the otherwise silly hallucinations. The movie could also do with sharper direction in most places. There is though some engaging banter between the junior characters through the decent mystery, investigative screenwriting into the essence of the books & Nicolas Rowe's faithful portrayal of the great detective.

Tim S (fr) wrote: I guess I can sort of understand the following that something like Hair would generate. It definitely carries a strong message about being free and letting one's freak flag fly. The songs are also well-constructed and I'm sure it plays well live on the stage. This film version, however, just reeks of what can only be described as pretensiousness, all the way to its core. The performances are generally good, and this isn't the most terrible musical I've ever seen, but I've rarely spent this much time watching a film and rolling my eyes at it. And it's not even because it's dated. It looks and feels like a 1970's movie talking about the 1960's, which is essentially what it is. It also meanders a lot and never really finds a firm foothold in a narrative sense, but for a big screen adaptation of a musical, it's certainly not one of the worst ones that you're ever likely to see.

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