The Iron Gate

The Iron Gate

Kinawi, a physically challenged peddler who makes his living selling newspapers in the central Cairo train station, is obsessed by Hannouma, an attractive young woman who sells drinks. ...

Kinawi, a physically challenged peddler who makes his living selling newspapers in the central Cairo train station, is obsessed by Hannouma, an attractive young woman who sells drinks. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carey E (br) wrote: This is a must watch heartwarming Christmas movie every year bound to be classic one day!

Aaron B (jp) wrote: Disappointing effort from Band.

Robert C (kr) wrote: A frustrating film because of how close it is to being a GREAT film. It's ultimately dragged down by numerous lapses in logic and often pulls the audience out with some odd editing choices, particularly the freeze frames.Alas, it adds up to an okay film.

Steven B (fr) wrote: While I didn't love Respiro, I do think it is a good piece of fimmaking. It's very much a character study of a woman and her family, on the Italian island of Lampedusa. If nothing else, seeing this movie taught me a little about this island which I had never heard of before. I wouldn't call it a paradise, like some other reviewers of the movie had, since it is a kind of dusty, desert environment (it is geologically African and closer to Tunisia than to Italy). The people of the island have some strange behaviors that were a little off-putting too. These things may have been part of the movie, but the homo-erotic fights that the boys would get into and the chauvanistic and controlling ways that men treated women ways made me shake my head more than feel like I'm learning about another culture. Still, there are some beautifully filmed scenes involving the main character, the mother Garzia, wonderfully played by the beautiful and captivating Valerina Golina. This woman's story is sympathetic to some degree, but I wonder whether she is really mentally ill, rather than just a free spirit in need of more ways to express herself or escape. One may never know. The whole drawn out deneumont and resolution to the story is a suspenseful as it's going on and I was wondering and anticipating how it would end. When it ended I asked "That's it?!" since it was an artsy non-verbal you-fill-in-the-blanks-scene. I have since figured out what the filmmaker was trying to say, and I think a few more scenes with the townspeople's reactions to the news of Garzia's whereabouts would have made it more clear and satisfying. I do recommend Respiro to anyone who likes modern Italian films or Valerina Golino.

JY S (ca) wrote: Tsui Hark's Knock Off is an action film that isn't as bad as it seems.Unsurprisingly, the story is straightforward, easy to follow, and to be honest, quite stupid. The setting takes place in Hong Kong, and with Tsui Hark as a director the film feels less like a Hollywood film. In this case, this is a good thing.Tsui Hark's editing and camerawork can be erratic at times and the 90 minutes whiz by because of this. The pacing is really quick and scenes come and go like there is no tomorrow. On the flip side this makes it harder for the film to have a really deep story with built up characters. It also creates plot holes.Hark's editing does help the action. The constant switching of camera shots make these scenes seem extremely fast and full of energy, which makes it really entertaining. As for the action itself, there is a moderate amount with a hilarious rickshaw scene in the beginning.The acting isn't award winning by any means. Van Damme is pretty amusing as his character is a bit wacky, but Rob Schneider is unconvincing as a CIA agent and feels out of place.By the end, Knock Off doesn't shine anywhere. It is just a mediocre action picture for Van Damme fans.

Shawn R (fr) wrote: Still an Adam Sandler classic.

Stan M (ca) wrote: HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE*(@$%Y*)[email protected]

Paul M (jp) wrote: Saw this as "All Shook Up" and whilst it is very low budget it has enough funny moments and one liners to keep you interested.

Chris W (br) wrote: I had heard that, among the lesser films of Hitchcock's filmography, this was basically the bottom of the barrel, and you know what? That's not completely wrong.Now, it's not a terrible film per se, but it certainly doesn't have a lot going for it. The plot is the old Cold War spy intrigue/mole hunt sort of thing, with emphasis on a French operative diving into Soviet and Cuban dealings around the time of the Cuban Missle Crisis. The storyline is heavily fact based, and as a result, is pretty cut and dried, and not really as compelling as it should be. It doesn't help that Hitch made a lot of films like this already, most of them better, and ones I saw before this one. Even though it has ties to reality, the film is dull, not engaging, and kind of a bore. I really didn't care what was happening most of the time, and that's really not a good sign considering the film's long running time.The film's not all bad though. It has a lot of merit from a technical standpoint, with some good locations, sets, and camerawork. Maurice Jarre's score is also really good, and probably the film's highlight, aside from the film scene Karin Dor is in. Speaking of actors, this could probably have benefited from some serious star power. That wouldn't be a guarantee that it would've helped, but you never know. I do think the highlight as far as acting goes to John Vernon, and his portrayal of a Cuban revolutionary is both bewildering and awesome. I t probably wouldn't fly today, and, while I'm not sure why they got a Canadian to play a Cuban, I won't complain either, as I think Vernon was a solid character actor.All in all, the film is just kinda 'meh'. I mostly just think the film falls because it all feels very routine and phoned in. Of course, when you're Hitchcock, I guess it's okay to not be on the top of your game all the time...even though it happened to him a few times, especially during the latter years. See it if you want, but just know that its reputation is pretty true.

Bradley K (ag) wrote: Awesome. Mitchum is the original baaaaad-ass!

Khaled H (gb) wrote: other dimension movie

Nick D (es) wrote: This film is 7 years old, and I had never heard of it until today, now I am half-way through it. Spooky, unnerving movie. Are men really that sexist? I haven't gotten to the New Age retreat yet. Julianne Moore leads it beautifully.