The Iron Lady

The Iron Lady

A look at the life of Margaret Thatcher, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, with a focus on the price she paid for power.

In her twilight years, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher reflects on her life and career as she finally prepares to dispose of the belongings of her late husband, Denis while scenes from her past life, from girlhood to British prime minister, intervene. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pete R (fr) wrote: Let down by poor editing/directing. Not exactly the best use of Aubrey Plaza.

Vincent L (fr) wrote: Every character in the film is unbelievable tolerant. Fairy tale type story with a happy ending which can never happen in real life. The performances of the cast were good though.

Tom W (mx) wrote: As for most of the asylum movies,this is a complete fail and had no reason to even be released on dvd. The acting was laughable bad,so were the effects, the conclusion is absolutely pathetic but so pathetic to a point of absolute hysterics.

Allison W (ru) wrote: Very heart warming. Believe.

Ryan J (au) wrote: Ocean's Eleven rip off.

Andrew M (de) wrote: Despite being as dramatic and emotionally powerful as the best of them, Million Dollar Baby is not your typical sports drama. There's plenty of elements of a Rocky style underdog story here, such as Maggie Fitzgerald coming from nothing to win everything against all odds, but the way writer Paul Haggis and director Clint Eastwood tell this story never makes it feel derivative in a genre full of familiar tropes. In fact, the film never truly has time to fall into standard sports drama territory: this is a very multi-faceted story that never focuses just on Fitzgerald's story, but interweaves multiple narratives and character progressions into one cohesive narrative. Fitzgerald, played by a charismatic Hilary Swank truly giving her all here, is, reluctantly, taken under the wing of Frankie Dunn, an uncooperative boxing trainer with a long history behind him. Dunn struggles with his own obstacles, largely rooted in struggles with religion alongside a growing paternal relationship with Fitzgerald, and Eastwood plays the character with a warm sense of heart behind his grizzled face. He has a friendly but occasionally strained relationship with a fellow employee at the boxing gym, Eddie "Scrap-Iron" Dupris. Morgan Freeman plays Scrap, and instills his familiar presence in a quiet that is both subtle and powerful. The film takes a strong right turn midway through the film, one that most sports dramas never find themselves delving into, and one that ultimately builds into a heart-breaking conclusion to the arcs of these three stories. What Eastwood has crafted is a stunning piece of film that stands as some of his finest work both in front of and behind the camera.

Raji K (de) wrote: Haley Joel Osment plays a young student in the 7th grade who encounters a new social studies teacher Kevin Spacey in Pay it Forward. He gets an assignment to try and improve the world, and comes up with the idea to help somebody, and then that person must in turn help 3 people. He starts with his mom (Helen Hunt) and it leads to a budding relationship with his mom and teacher. Pay It Forward is hoaky, but does its best to wrap itself in a realistic shell. The film has some interesting concepts, but overall it is a bad romance filled with ideas that would not happen outside of a Hollywood film.

David C (mx) wrote: I think, to truly appreciate a LARGE amount of the comedy in this, you needed to actually be in the military. Because if you've been in, EVERYONE knows someone like Major Payne, and like each of the kids as well.

Tracie L (ru) wrote: This movie was better than I had expected, and there were a lot of names like Eartha Kit

Tim R (nl) wrote: What a movie, exciting and intense!

Randolph B (br) wrote: This movie was pretty awesome. It had a lot of great shoot out scenes in it. Brosnan, who's pretty much still known for his 4 films as Bond, but typically plays a ladies man in all of his films, is training another assassin who turns on him.Most actors and actresses are probably known for 1 or 2 great series over their movie career maybe it's a gift or a curse if they want to try something different. Whereas Bond is more restrained and classy Devereaux is very filthy and ruthless and dirty. In one scene to escape his captor he cuts the vein of the captor's lover and gives him a choice: "catch me or save your lover." Not sure if this is the director, writer knowing Brosnan's name is synonomous with Bond and removing him from idea that this is going to be similar to a Bond film, or introducing us to the independent Devereaux personality which is distinctly different. Honestly, I didn't like this scene. I thought it was gross and not really appropriate. Sure maybe it had to be done. They wanted you to know "hey this isn't going to be another Bond film I'm not here to seduce women, drink a martini, kill the guy, and then go home" but I thought it pushed the line too far. Of all the scenes in the movie and there were a lot of great shoot out scenes, and chase scenes, this was the scene I was most uncomfortable with. The story was actually really great. It had a great cat and mouse type feel to it, finding this old Russian mob dude and this former child prostitute get revenge on him who hated him all these years. I heard rumors that they were making another but if you check IMDB it doesn't look like anything is in the works.

Andy P (ca) wrote: Often overlooked, Hitchcock's under-appreciated black comedy is a suspense-less experiment in surrealism and perfectly constructed artifice.

film w (ru) wrote: Like a Tarantino without any of his flare for dialogue. A comic book movie fittingly realised with comically bad English accents.