The Iron Petticoat

The Iron Petticoat

Captain Vinka Kovelenko defects from Russia, but not for political reasons. She defects because she feels discriminated against as a woman. Captain Chuck Lockwood gets the order to show her...

Captain Vinka Kovelenko defects from Russia, but not for political reasons. She defects because she feels discriminated against as a woman. Captain Chuck Lockwood gets the order to show her... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill B (it) wrote: Okay, I went into this one expecting something in the vein of Ebola Syndrome or The Untold Story, but instead this came off more like a Pinku film, with weirdly forced feeling sexy moments peppered throughout that were actually kind of distracting to be perfectly honest.Rental? Maybe?

Roy C (us) wrote: Coach dies and has his ashes placed in a curling rock, urging his former team to reunite and send him into the target.

Matt R (au) wrote: One of the best independent films around. Edoardo Ballerini played his actor fantastically, and the twist near the end was very good.

John P (ag) wrote: Great movie, based on true story. I am appalled by the feedback from all 'top critics', giving this movie a negative review.

Kaleb K (mx) wrote: I love this movie. it is my favorite movie. its very funny, its very great. i love this movie. it does everything right. i love this movie.

Timothy S (fr) wrote: Michael Douglas stars in yet another hot button issue movie in "Disclosure", a sexually charged courtroom thriller that turns the gender table on the issue of sexual harassment. This is a smart, timely picture that entertains while ensuring a healthy discussion on the car ride home. Douglas gives a typically strong lead performance, and that shouldn't be a shock considering he's played this same part in many different movies. Demi Moore has quite possibly never looked better on camera before, and she hits all the right notes as a character you love to hate. The harassment scene starts shakily as almost a parody, but Moore sells it and the end result is hot and yet unquestionably ambivalent. Barry Levinson may seem like an odd choice to direct a film of this nature, but his direction is tight and sure-footed as usual. The script is intelligent and full of surprises as there always seems to be one more twist when most movies would be content to wrap things up. The finale is satisfying, and even though it doesn't end with a bang like say "Fatal Attraction", it remains true to the tone of the picture. There is a ridiculous moment near the end where Douglas uses virtual reality to garner information that just doesn't work at all, but author Michael Crichton has always been obsessed with technology and science fiction. It just doesn't fit here. And even though the film was cutting edge upon its initial release, that technology seems wonderfully dated now. "Disclosure" is a tense, topical film that never takes the easy way out and it's wildly entertaining.

Troy F (mx) wrote: Shocker is terribly silly and is "shockingly" bizarre, both in an engaging and utterly confusing way. Shit happens in this film without much explanation, so you just go along with the craze. That said, if you watch this as a cheesefest of a bad movie with silly moments and interesting ideas, it does work and entertain. A serial killer who murdered a boy's family and girlfriend gets sentenced to death, but lives through electricity (yep, just go along with it...), possessing others bodies, and even gets to the point where he can flip through television channels. I enjoyed it solely for implanting ideas that I've never seen, but just because a film does something new, doesn't automatically make it good. It's otherwise a bad film that has some laughable moments of silly special effects and bad acting. If you like Wes Craven's stuff, its in the same alley as other trash like Deadly Friend, but probably far more enjoyable then say later films like My Soul To Take.

The J (fr) wrote: Great film. HAckman and Glover at their best.

Paul D (es) wrote: Not high on comedy, but the chemistry between Bronson and Ireland is there, although given they were married in real life it is no surprise.

Francisco G (mx) wrote: A smart take on the vampire lore genre, Captain Kronos doesn't give the attention to the said vampires but onto the bigger than life protagonist with a nicely engaging story and a fair share amount of memorable moments.It also features a lot of disposable scenes, the setting is pretty boring and uninspired but it still manages to complete the b-sleaze aesthetic it carries nicely enough.

Dann M (gb) wrote: Haley Joel Osment leads the cast in the sci-fi thriller I'll Follow You Down. Years after his father mysteriously disappeared, Erol learns that he was working on a time-travel devise and continues his father's research in hopes of finding a way to fix the past. Co-starring Gillian Anderson, Victor Garber, and Rufus Sewell, the supporting cast is quite strong. But it's up to Osment to carry the film, and he lacks both the range and the depth that the role calls for. Still, the time-travel premise and the moral questions that arise are quite intriguing. Yet despite the rich material, I'll Follow You Down ends up being rather boring and monotonous.

Mitchell M (it) wrote: More half-hearted award bait than a powerful depiction of alzheimers, the main triumphs of "Still Alice"come from its well rounded cast - particularly Julianne Moore, in one of her finest performances.

Scott A (de) wrote: Wow, was this boring...and confusing.It starts with a group of people, five of which being some true Hollywood legends, only younger, eating dinner and then the next morning the unfamous one, admits that he was neither a guest nor invited the night before and blows his head off. Nice gore effect bt the way.The rest of the film is sometimes the direct events leading up to the dinner, sometimes the events after dealing with the Police trying to find out why he killed himself, while there is also a good deal of flashbacks to when our hostess was a younger woman.I still have zero idea why he killed himself, or why showing her younger self basically being a slut had anything to do with it.Maybe it was explained, and I was too busy watching some paint dry?I did find it interesting that our lead is played by Vanessa Redgrave and her younger self is Joely Richardson; who would later end up being mother/daughter on Nip/Tuck, but that has nothing to do with this movie.Seeing younger versions of Redgrave, Holm, Dench and Wilkinson was nice, and dang Joley was crazy gorgeous as well(still is), but I just couldn't get into the story.Maybe someone can someday respond and explain what exactly happened?