The Italian

The Italian

Set in 2002, an abandoned 5-year-old boy living in a rundown orphanage in a small Russian village is adopted by an Italian family.

Set in 2002, an abandoned 5-year-old boy living in a rundown orphanage in a small Russian village is adopted by an Italian family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel A (de) wrote: I feel like this movie has been misjudged on so many levels!. Maybe it's because I grew up on movies like Bloodsport or its original , but it did the genre and classic justice while being unique. To view and critique the same way you would as any of the movies listed for the Oscars is apples and oranges at its finest. By far the best PURE martial arts movie in years!

Sith B (es) wrote: Jhandu hain hum pake, hum pe kiska jor! If Amir khan can lie about this being his most difficult role yet, you can predict anything with it.

Olivier B (mx) wrote: Prise de vues panoramiques renversantes. Belle histoire, pas trop touchant, raliste et relativement mon genre.

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Farah R (us) wrote: A captivating and lighthearted drama with a powerful story. Julia Roberts earned her Academy Award for Best Actress in this movie.

Lisa S (br) wrote: it was boring. its like nothing true at all.

Anthony M (kr) wrote: It is the Charles Bronson of Military/Crowd suppression Sick Helicopter movies. And the other 40% of the audience needs to come around and see it. Tons of fun trust me. Roy Sheider was us, he was the every man. He did it for Johnny.

Anson H (ru) wrote: Very enjoyable but it felt unrealistic by its own standards

Greg W (it) wrote: kelly in film #1 of 3 for Hitch

Barry N (es) wrote: This is a very strange type of film. This film didn't really feel like a comedy, and it didn't really feel like a drama. And yet somehow, surprisingly it still works. Sure some of the jokes are funny and a lot of the scenes are very effectively dramatic, but somehow it doesn't feel like it belongs in either, almost like it belongs in a whole other category altogether. She Done Him Wrong is a pretty basic story, that tries be complex at the same time, which I can't say is executed very well. What does work about this film is the acting is good, the pacing the great, the climax is exciting and the characters are interesting. Although I did think that the romance between the two leads just didn't work. It seemed like it was just slapped on at the last minute. But I digress. Even the film is dated, it's still got some charm and appeal to it that even I can't really explain. Maybe it's just Mae West, maybe it's the plot. But whatever the reason, She Done Him Wrong is one of those films that I can't fully explain why I liked it, but I surprisingly did. 7.1/10

Simpsons F (us) wrote: Chickens are inherently funny, like nature's idea of a very practical joke. Park and Lord have just improved the old rubber chicken gag, making it movable, turning it into something closer to who we are and what we know as humans.

Vaibhav W (jp) wrote: Orson Welles' compelling argument against death penalty is the highlight of this black-n-white classic.

Richard P (es) wrote: I like the occasional 'raspberry' movie. something so bad it inverts into a masochistic enjoyment of the fact it's not enjoyable.This movie is so bad, it's a bad movie, even for a bad raspberry movie, but somehow this makes it almost a true meta-raspberry movie.Sad & slow scripting, awful acting, dreadful direction, piss-poor props, shoddy CGI and crappy camerawork. there's not a single redeeming thing in this movie.So, grab a beer, roll a fresh one and sit down to a movie that will leave you more than a little amused - at why you're still watching.loved it, for all the wrong reasons & still managed to pretty much hated it enough to never want to ever experience it ever again.

Paul J (us) wrote: Good movie about how the Irish try and gain their independence from England.

Yasmin R (fr) wrote: Really doesn't deserve the rating it has received. Lovely movie for children. I enjoyed it!!