The Jade Mask

The Jade Mask

The latest assignment for respected yet goofy detective Charlie Chan has come directly from the government and involves the disappearance of a scientist named Harper, who was working on an extremely important serum. When the scientist is killed, Chan must sort through a crazy cast of characters who are all very likely suspects, including the man's sister and his butler.

Charlie Chan looks into the apparent murder of a scientist in a spooky mansion. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve S (fr) wrote: Actually it was much better than I thought it would be. It was interesting to see into the lives of some of the competitive gamers. It gave an interesting view into what their life is like. It is fairly heavy on the gaming, so I only recommend it for gamers.

Xaosong S (us) wrote: This movie is so bad, it's actually more entertaining to look for production flaws then the actual story itself. Just to give you a quick list ...... 1) Shoddy Costumes2) Bad Make up3) Piss poor accents4) A misplaced random asian character who can't speak the language5) Uneven lighting6) Big bunch of photographic style with no particular defining one. In another words, no style. 7) Graphics look very amateurish8) Dull erratic storyline This movie would't look out of place next to barbie's cinderella adventures in the children's catalog.

Josef H (it) wrote: Honestly this one is the best story telling cartoon s that DC has had.

Karen H (ca) wrote: 2017-04-21 Robin and Mila and Peter are fun to watch, plot and script are weak. I've spent worse 90 min.

Bobby H (au) wrote: Going into this film as a WWE Production I had little faith in it being good. Being a WWE fan, I wanted to watch it anyhow, and see if they've stepped up since what I seen as fails with projects like "The Marine" with John Cena. I can happily say, they've finally did a movie, that to me felt like a legit movie. Mr Kennedy only plays a secondary role, and he is not super-hero status, like most WWE Superstars are in the movies they play in. Kennedy actually has a very down to earth role with the rest of his Navy Seals Sqaud of 5. Throw in some gore, some great gun fight scenes, a pretty neat little twist, and some decent acting and you got a fair movie. For me, it was one of the best WWE Production films to come out yet, and I give it props for that. I liked it and would recommend it to anyone who is into high time action, military, flicks.

Peter W (nl) wrote: True heroes of our time

Neeti M (de) wrote: thought it was alright. could have been edited tighter.

Bonnie N (au) wrote: Quirky coming-of-age story set in the '70s with some hilarious moments.

Danny O (gb) wrote: Michael Collins is a solid film with a great performance by Liam Neeson. The story can be very interesting, with some emotionally effective scenes and some intense action sequences. The ending works, though it's nothing we haven't seen. And that right there has to be my main complaint, this movie didn't try anything new. Clearly influenced by the much better film Braveheart from a year ago, this film hits all of the same beats. It is a good and pretty compelling film, but I could predict exactly how it was going to turn out. This film also suffers from some pacing issues and uninspired writing. So the story is good, but it copies on the success of the recent best picture winner but never quite reaches its full potential. A good yet forgettable film that benefits from some thrilling war scenes and some good performances.

Donald W (gb) wrote: This is was Dorothy Stratten's only movie as a star. It's a boring movie spoof of about all the Sci Fi movies made before 1980. She plays an android that runs a space ship. Most of the movie she wears a white cat suit. She doesn't talk until the last half of the movie. The special effects are cheap Star Trek TV show type of effects. The jokes are all based on old Sci Fi movies and aren't funny if you are unfamiliar with the old movies and even then they aren't funny. The movie is rated R because of the sexual nature of the jokes and one scene with a blurry topless girl in a very bad hologram. At the alien house of prostitution there are paintings of topless women. Dorothy Stratten keeps her clothes on the whole movie. During the meal scenes she's in a sexy maid costume. When she talks for the first time she's wearing a white negligee. Avery Schreiber plays the ship's Capitan. He was a good comedian in the 1960's. He's not that funny in this movie. There is not a single good line in the whole movie.

Sarah M (ag) wrote: this movie was lame, brad pitt is hotter

LA L (gb) wrote: The musical performances and most of the acting have a lot more to offer than it's story, which -- in many parts -- lacks anything that truly stands out. Didn't seem to have enough depth. Shortly after the "I Am The Walrus" and "Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!" sequences, the film and it's story begin to get rather bumpy. Anyway, wonderful visuals; imaginitive and pretty original.

Dave L (it) wrote: great film ,better than Murder on the Orient Express...

Alysse M (kr) wrote: Great independent film, one of my favorites. Elijah Wood was phenomenal and this was truly Charlie Hunnam's breakout film. H

Dave J (it) wrote: Wednesday, December 21, 2011 (2007) Species- The Awakening HORROR Straight-to-rental movie focuses on beautiful volumptious blond teenage girl who has a regular high paying job doing regular things, until her adopted father left her alone on her very first date, later forcing them to escape to Mexico to find a particular scientist. As the film progresses, she begins to understand about her true self who thought was originally human at first. I champion the idea of this flick with a host of new characters, set up and is somewhat unrelated to the first two "Species" films starring Natasha Henstridge, and thought this one is 'better' than the other ones since it relies most on chemistry and credibility amongst it's characters than it does with situation horror which dabbles a possible idea about mixing human blood with alien species DNA who can inhabit the same feelings as a human, but unaware about it's super capabilties. The other difference between the original "Species" films and this one is that this one can make you think while the original ones dwells too much on meaningingless gore. Low 3 out of 4

Kevin K (es) wrote: My all time favorite 'bad' film...I just love it, and I refuse to apologize...the rest of you should try just enjoying a wonderfully silly movie and shut the hell up....;)