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The Jordan Workout


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Nicholas H (it) wrote: Another one of those movies where the over-played trailers are filled with the funny moments. Melissa McCarthy's character had no relatable qualities and far too many "outrageous" moments. Jason Bateman is probably the saving grace of the movie, but nothing could save such a congested and messy story.

Mo M (es) wrote: Top cat is a love able asshole. In this movie hes a hate able 'nice guy'. Everything is wrong from the voices to the bad animation

vincent j (gb) wrote: Cheap movie. the actress is not that atractive. Good story for golfing.

Buggy B (mx) wrote: Good movie, better than I expected from a "romantic business comedy". The story felt unique despite the initial hook of a business man being replaced by someone half his age who proceeds to date his daughter. It ends up being witty, clever and funny with layers of sub stories. Topher Grace is really good and I enjoyed Dennis Quaid and Scarlett Johansson's father/daughter relationship. There are a ton of recognizable actors, even in the smallest of roles and the soundtrack was excellent too. 04.20.14

Zack S (kr) wrote: I live in Oklahoma and I love the state of Oklahoma. I don't regard this movie highly as much as some do, but it's definitely worth watching! Even though I don't really care to see it again, it's still a worthwhile experience. Plus, I love the songs. Of course, as an Oklahoman with a lot of Oklahoma pride, I would say that. Still, this is an enjoyable musical that's worth seeing. Especially if you live in Oklahoma like I do!

Ryan H (ag) wrote: Great, Great movie; I loved it so much, I took it to school and my teacher let me playing during last period.

Brittney E (br) wrote: I will put aside what I believe makes a good film for nostalgia - this movie added "funky butt lovin" to my lexicon and I'm forever grateful.

Jose M (kr) wrote: Baby Boom, there was a movie that came a few years ago under the title Life as We Know It. From what I read, the film was about a couple on the verge of breaking suddenly staying together when they learn inherited a large house and a baby. It sounds very weak and insultingly superficial, right? Well, here comes Baby Boom and that film star Diane Keaton as very successful business woman on the way to the top, who suddenly inherits a child from a family member. This of course is going to be trouble for her especially since he has no knowledge or experience of taking care of a baby, and it obviously gets in the way of her professional career. The film is fairly amusing, funny, and heartwarming with a few racial stereotypes, but I definitely enjoyed Baby Boom. It is definitely sometimes as one knows it in life.

Kyle B (us) wrote: A really good movie with a very good performance from Hillary Swank. It was brutal to watch at times but that was the point. I must say in reference to Swank's Oscar win for this role was not superior to Annette Benning in American Beauty but it's still a really powerful performance.