The Jungle

The Jungle

An Indian princess (Marie Windsor), her adviser (Cesar Romero) and a white hunter (Rod Cameron) fight woolly mammoths. Filmed in sepia.

A great white hunter and an Indian princess trek into the Indian jungle to investigate a number of wild animal stampedes which have resulted in the deaths of many people. On their journey, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ken T (jp) wrote: Triple H is not the best of actors, but this movie was kinda' cutesy...Ariel Winter as his daughter was aborable. Also, I've always loved Yeardly Smith and she was great in this WWF or WWE production...

Matthew W (jp) wrote: It's the same concept as that Hall Pass movie except instead of Owen Wilson phoning it in while eating pot brownies it just gets really dark, serious, and brutally honest.

Zack B (nl) wrote: Bela Tarr is one of the truly edgy filmmakers who have tested and pushed against the limits of "majority cinema", if you will. He does not seem to have regard for his audience, other than to assure, through use of his trademark long takes and his chilling soundscapes, that whoever is watching will be consumed by the desperation and uncertainty that permeate each one of the films I've seen of his. This is what makes them demanding and unpleasant. The Turin Horse, the filmmaker's declared last film, is no exception. For the course of two and a half hours, we are hunkered down in a destitute home in the middle of desert like farm country. The only sounds we get are the weeping of the strong winds and the unsettling musical score which seems to be on constant repeat throughout. And that's it. In terms of action we see only a man and his daughter eating, dressing, working and driving gypsies away. It's tedious and one easily begins questioning the intentions and reasoning behind the film's form. But however uneventful the film is, Bela Tarr remains one of the most interesting cinematic visionaries, and its hard not to admire what seems to be painstaking attention and precision with every last shot.

Charles C (nl) wrote: About as forgettable as the first one. Not bad for passing the time with, but low on value. It does a good job at fleshing out characters and giving them each their own conflict or subplot, but it fails to make any of them that deep or interesting. Somewhere in the final act it forgets to be fun and devolves into another uninspired fragfest. By the time the Hulk shows up, the movies already lasted too long and I just wanted it to end. Kids or serious fans of the Ultimate Universe may like it, but not really made for anyone else.

Timothy S (mx) wrote: For me, as a kid, the Irwin Allen disaster pictures of the 1970's were about as good as movies could get, but my favorite was always "The Poseidon Adventure." Now, decades later come the remake, and it's pretty much disappointing in every way possible. Entitled simply "Poseidon," this ridiculously overproduced film budgeted at an astounding $160 million throws in some amazing special effects that simply were not possible in 1972.Where it goes wrong, however, is at the script level which gives us pale imitations of the original cast without giving us a single person that we care about. They may seem silly now, but those Allen classics took the time (in some cases, a ridiculous amount of time) to introduce the players and give us their story. This film is all about those admittedly spectacular effects, and it rushes headstrong into the disaster at sea.You miss the relationships that made the earlier film so unforgettable, and the bond between the survivors that made their deaths so heartbreaking. Like so many other big budgeted Hollywood productions, the remake gets the technical aspects right but fails to give us a story or characters worth following. These people are mere stereotypes rather than real people, but the acting is all serviceable enough. The only actor who lets you down is the usually reliable Richard Dreyfuss in an odd and strangely undignified supporting role.As a movie, "Poseidon" looks great (for all that money, it better) but there's no heart here, no reason to keep watching. It's just empty.

Jen S (us) wrote: Quite possibly the weirdest movie I have ever seen!

William B (br) wrote: a brave attempt by Breillat at gender reversal in a casual relationship between a young boy and more experienced older woman on board an overnight ferry crossing (hence the double meaning in the title) - unfortunately, the film capsizes spectacularly as it unintentionally degenerates into a floundering farce not helped by the totally unbelievable interactions, calamitous continuity errors, and silly bloopers; furthermore, the boring-as-hell little pipsqueak French boy inspires no more in you than the urge to punch him, hard - and Alice, the decidedly manly 'seductress', is but a psycho whose interminable insufferable monologues seem little more than extended extracts from a Breillat essay (compare the similarly disappionting Anatomy Of Hell)

Graham B (es) wrote: Set in the future, Alphaville tells the story of Lemmy Caution, a secret agent who travels to Alphaville to seek out Professor Von Braun and possibly get rid of him.I'm not a fan of French New Wave cinema, but you cant help but see the influences this film has had on modern sci-fi. Here Godard chooses to make a science fiction film with no special effects or elaborate sets. Almost as if it is a parody of sci-fi. Instead he tells the story as a noir detective tale and shoots it in futuristic looking buildings in Paris and has lingering shots on neon and mathematical diagrams. Caution is dressed in typical noir detective garb (trench coat and hat) as he makes his way through this disturbing Dystopian society where emotion has been outlawed through punishment of death by firing squad into swimming pool.Never really clear on whether Alphaville is a city or planet, or whether Caution's Ford Galaxy is supposed to represent a spaceship. It really is all a bit too hipster for me, though its place in the list is deserved. The influence from the story and look is wide reaching. Fahrenheit 451 and Blade Runner scream loudest, but you will find hints in other gritty sci-fi.I was still bored to nonplussedom, but the signposted influences made this more of a comfortable ride.

Timothy K (ca) wrote: This is an example of one of those "super cutesie" type of flicks. Every character is loveable and silly in their own way. Though the Busby Berkeley dance numbers aren't the best, the achievement of complexity and style is still in others choreographers left field.

Dustin D (jp) wrote: "Steamboat Bill, Jr." is a fun comedy with some great stunts that could have literally killed Buster Keaton.

Krishna C (us) wrote: This is a film I remember being lots of fun as a child. However it ages horribly. Watching it now, one is struck by the stilted plot where everything is painfully drawn out, the lacklustre dialogue, and black and white characterisation (eg. Richard the suitor/fiance). There are some very funny scenes - eg. in the Australian bar at the start, with the knife in NYC, the hotel ledge/balcony and the ending but the rest are understandably relics of the times.

Nathan M (gb) wrote: Or Dharma and Greg Go To College...This is nothing more than an unfunny Odd Couple film that has a few solid moments from Garcia and the two Farmiga's. Unfortunately the only thing that makes this film watchable is also what ruins any comedic moment. Both Garcia and Farmiga play caricatures of the usual "odd couple" roles that all of the comedy doesn't come out of a genuine place. Instead it all feels forced, and, therefore, completely unfunny. The romance doesn't work either, because it's completely unbelievable. Writer/director Adam Rogers doesn't convince you that these two people have had enough time to move past the other people in their lives, and cling on to each other. Even if they're both going through a pivotal moment in their life, you don't believe they would be drawn to each other.Luckily, there are still a couple of moments where the characters live up to the potential the two powerhouse actors bring to the roles. One scene, in particular, when Garcia and Farmiga are in an acting class, and begin to share their deepest fears and desires, although completely forced and contrived, carries the film out of boredom. But only for a moment, because Rogers lets everything fall back into convention, and the movie continues to slog on.This is another film that if you were stuck in a hotel room on a rainy vacation day you might find some merit in the film, but anyone who has anything better to do with their day probably will be bored with this film.

David D (us) wrote: Watched this again tonite on cable. I first saw it at the Heart Drive-in in Kansas City back in 1965. It was so good my date and I watched the entire movie. It is still a funny, funny brilliant film.