The Killer Is Loose

The Killer Is Loose

A savings-and-loan bank is robbed; later, a police wiretap identifies teller Leon Poole as inside man. In capturing him, detective Sam Wagner accidentally kills Poole's young wife, and at his trial Poole swears vengeance against Wagner. Poole begins his plans to get revenge when he escapes his captors.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:73 minutes
  • Release:1956
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escape,   murder,   prison,  

An unhinged, deceptively mild-mannered bank robber escapes prison, seeking revenge on the cop who accidentally killed his wife during a gun battle. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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JH K (kr) wrote: Fresca, divertida, original... qu ms pedir a unos castores mutantes.

Rohan G (es) wrote: Great movie. One of Vals early films... Any wonder he married Joanne Whalley(even though she plays a nutter here and plays it well)Ooohhh!!!!

Christian C (es) wrote: It's sad to see how far a star can fall. Keanu: take some acting lessons already!

Sondre L (es) wrote: Ikke s innmari morsom egentlig, hvertfall ikke laugh-out-loud-morsom (for bruke det uttrykket for 3. gang) men det betyr ikke at det ikke er morsomme ting her. Terry Crews gjr det nesten verdt se hele filmen i seg sjl, n skal det sies at jeg digger den digre fyr'n der, men allikavl! Har sine drye scener og kule karakterer. Relativt underholdende jevnt igjennom. Referansene til "The Shank" er ogs ganske festlig.

Michael E (au) wrote: Awful in nearly every sense of the word. Horrible jokes, awful acting, and humor that would only make a 2 year old laugh, Daddy Day Camp falls flatter on it's face than the first film.

Lucas Y (es) wrote: Lets make a third installment just for the sake of doing it. Now let's take away all the classic characters and replace them with a bunch of uninteresting B-movie actors. This was a slap in the face to anyone who's a fan of the franchise. Just like real minor league baseball, nobody wants to watch it.

Ryan W (nl) wrote: Jingle All the way is not a good film, but I enjoyed it so much as a child so it is very nostalgic for me and a lot of the over the top Arnold moments are just an absolute treat to watch.Film Rating:4/10Guilty Pleasure Rating:10/10

Edgar C (au) wrote: So woefully woeful that it is funny; bizarre killings and oh-so-hilarious effects, so there's no way I could add this to a list of worst movies ever, but shit is shit from whever you see it and the air of the original is completely changed here. 20/100

Steve G (fr) wrote: This was actually better than I expected. Above average direction. Could've been scarier, but the requisite spooky atmosphere-factor is well-represented.

Jonathan B (br) wrote: This has been a favourite movie of mine since I was a kid and started something of an obsession with Charlotte Rampling who is particularly horrible in this 1966 British 'New Wave' classic. Georgy Girl is an off-beat comedy that has a charm that belies the shock that it would have caused to many audience members at the time of release due to the nature of its subject matter. Georgy is a bright, intelligent but socially awkward and slightly frumpy young woman who shares a flat with the glamorous and spiteful, swinging 60s girl Meredith. Georgy's family works for a millionaire businessman, Mr. Leamington who is trapped in a sterile and loveless marriage. Leamington has something of a crush on Georgy and offers her a contract whereby he will support and look after her if she agrees to become his mistress. However, Georgy rather fancies Meredith's cheeky, carefree sometime boyfriend Jos. Georgy is always being overlooked and stood-up but then, Meredith falls pregnant with Jos's baby. It has to be said that the story is rather dated in attitude and outlook but the central performances by Lynn Redgrave (Georgy), Alan Bates (Jos), Charlotte Rampling (Meredith) and James Mason (Leamington) make this a truly great piece of 60s cinema. Both Redgrave and Mason received Academy Award nominations for this film and rightly so. Silvio Narizzano gives his directorial best here (gaining a BAFTA nomination for Best British Film) with some enchanting and genuinely funny scenes, making great use of Redgrave's comic talents. The screenplay was co-written by Margaret Foster and based on her novel and shows us a slice of London life when England was trendy but still had a dour and grimy side. The theme tune (partly written by actor Jim Dale and also nominated for an Academy Award) became a huge worldwide hit for The Seekers and is instantly recognisable to those of my generation and older. Whilst the tone it strikes is definitely of its time, especially in the attitude towards women's aspirations, this is still a hugely watchable and enjoyable film. A great slice of 1960s, British cinema and watching it again this evening, I enjoyed it every bit as much as I did when I first saw it some 30 odd years ago.

Dane P (nl) wrote: A big surprise actually. As soon as I saw that this was a mockumentry I thought "Hey thats pretty cool" so I watched it and I liked it alot. First off the animation was awesome it really made the waves pop out and look real. The characters we're pretty interesting and funny too. Its like they were interviewing real cartoons. They even had camera grain and the boom mic dipping in once in a while for good mesaure that added the most charm to the movie which I think is the best thing you could have in a movie. Though there are some inconsistances like you could tell when the dialoge was improvised and when it was scripted and the story is predictable and done to death. But I'm still glad I saw it now making me wish there was more animated mockumentries

Aj V (us) wrote: The beginning and ending of this movie are horrible, for one thing, West's character dies in the first scene! Putting the story of Crusoe in space was probably their first mistake.