The Killing Machine

The Killing Machine

Harlin Garret loses his memory and finds himself closed in a facility claimed to belong to the state security services. The manager of this place tells Garrett he used to be a killer for ...

Harlin Garret loses his memory and finds himself closed in a facility claimed to belong to the state security services. The manager of this place tells Garrett he used to be a killer for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Logan M (ru) wrote: I really didn't enjoy this movie. It didn't keep me interested, the questions it raised, i wasent eager to have answered. The plot was fairly predictable. The good about it though was that it was highly relatable, had a good message, almost made you want to be a better person. Another bad thing though was, for a movie thats intended to keep you open minded and to show you not to look down on people, it did make you look down on the people doing wrong. If it was committed to its message as a film it would have helped you understand them too, not just the anti social, suicidal people.

Christian H (es) wrote: I'm guessing this film franchise was a moderate hit for its time and this spinoff isn't bad for something made in (2009) but it didn't really wow me but it was solid enough I guess as a filler, but Michael Sheens acting is commendable.

Misha K (ag) wrote: Riveting story, great casting, amazing locations and solid photography. Not only my favorite westerns' but such a soulful story of redemption. I have to watch everything by David Von Ancken. I've already lost count of how many times I've watched this one. Very surprising to see the meter on this one.

Atlas o (es) wrote: A strange, at times cerebral, film from Mongolia about degradation of spiritual endeavors through industrial capitalism.

Katie G (br) wrote: Another one I couldn't get through. Probably be better if I was high, but this pretty much sucked.

Dennis F (au) wrote: A Valient effort to bring back movies like breakin.

Francis C (fr) wrote: Isabelle Huppert a le chic pour faire le mal.

Countess N (de) wrote: Odd and boring. Stick to the zombies.

Danielle B (ag) wrote: One of my favourites!

MF J (nl) wrote: first of all one must praise Werner Herzog for the nature of his unusual and somehow very interesting subject. Sure the film plays like a metaphor about the folly but also the passion and tenacity of the human spirit. This film is masterfully shot and greatly acted by a cast on top of their games. It seems a little dull in the end because the film doesn't really lead anywhere but as a spectacle this film is like it's subject , a vast opera with drama, fights and colorful characters. Definitely a beautiful exercise of style and film making. The genre of epic films we don't get to see anymore.

Aaron B (es) wrote: Suspenseful and well acted.

Cade H (de) wrote: This horror franchise tried to be a little more modern and make a semi- teen slasher flick and failed. A group of high school/college age kids wreck there car in a small town and it just happens to be inhabited by the Children of the Corn. There was a weird addition of some old guy who was their leader and a silo filled with something evil and none of it made sense, in a good way. The series is known for lots of killing and this one lacked cool deaths and seemed much to slow at times. They focused on the main characters a lot but none of it worked out. The idea was strong and seemed like it should work but sadly it did not. This is one of the weak spots in this otherwise decent horror franchise.

Will D (de) wrote: One of the better comedies of the last decade for sure.

Blake P (ru) wrote: I like Angelina Jolie. Something about her (possibly her fiery eyes, her sensuous lips always slightly curved into a subtle smirk) diffuses with self-assured sexiness that makes her a leading lady who doesn't have to do much to convince us that she's a smart, sanguine toughie always sitting above everyone else. Even in meandering material like "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider", we're enraptured by her magnificence, which luminously finds itself at new heights with the blazing personality that becomes her. A film like "Taking Lives" is the kind that Jolie does best: a thriller without much of a brain but seems to be better just because Jolie is there. In every heroine role she's ever had, she's appeared strong and courageous, gutsier than the men around her and more adroit than the doubters who pine against her. In hindsight, "Taking Lives" is the type of film most likely to be played during a "Lifetime" serial killer movie marathon special event - but like the majority of suspense movies that repeat on "Lifetime", there's a sort of compulsively watchable energy about "Taking Lives", not hugely ambitious but not dumb enough to make us feel bad about enjoying ourselves. It's throwaway, but at least we're having fun, right? In "Taking Lives", Jolie portrays Illeana Scott, an FBI agent brought into Montreal to help apprehend Martin Asher, a murderer who gets his kicks by stealing the identities of his victims after he grotesquely kills them. Scott is a profiler of the highest common denominator, with an unconventional skill set; her new co-workers have a hard time taking her seriously, an understatement considering she greets them for the first time lying with a smile in an open grave, later on showing that she best understands the people she's investigating by squatting in weird positions in the areas they committed their crime. But she's not faux spunky like an embittered Temperance Brennan. We are immediately taken with her. The killer's streak is hindered when James Costa (Ethan Hawke) is brought in for questioning. Costa, a local art dealer, happened to be at the right place at the right time and witnessed Asher partaking in one of his heinous crimes. Lucky for the detectives, he as a good eye and great artistic ability: he is able to draw a near perfect, detailed sketch of the murderer. Problems arise, though, when Scott, slipping out of her reserved knowingness, develops feelings for the witness. "Taking Lives" moves along as a good, maybe even great, serial killer movie until it abruptly reaches a twist ending either predictable or implausible - I'm not sure which adjective is a better descriptor. While you might be guessing who the murderer is way ahead of time, however, you won't have much of an idea how they're going to catch him, and since the climax of the movie is outrageously over-the-top (and one could say satisfying), the preposterousness not only is forgiven - it's also accepted as part of the insane plot, which threatens to fly off the rails but remains engaging against all odds. And anyway, you can't put down "Taking Lives" for being ludicrous while turning around and calling "Dressed to Kill" ludicrous but saying it's OK because it's stylish. No. No. The film has since become a forgotten fossil of the 2000s, but don't pass it off as an average blockbuster that never was. Jolie is as entrancing as ever, Hawke a plausible normal-guy-caught-in-a-bad-situation, Rowlands a shifty-eyed marvel as Asher's paranoid mother. "Taking Lives" is perhaps more fattening than I would like to admit, but I don't mind dumbfounding thriller fun, as long as I'm kept on my toes and the atmosphere's decent. Here, you've got everything. What more could you want?