The Killing Zone

The Killing Zone

When your in The Syndicate you're in for life. This is the prospect facing Matthew Palmer, a hearless but efficient, deadly but impeccably neat assassin and confirmed Michael Caine fan. But Palmer has found love and wants out, even though he knows that wanting out can make you very quickly dead in London's sinister underworld.

The taut, suspenseful - and sometimes darkly comic - story of Matthew Palmer; underworld assassin and Michael Caine fan. Floating in and out of each slaying, Palmer is quick, efficient...... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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ThoGonalo M (mx) wrote: The film : Les seigneurs is directed by Olivier Dahan and is a comedy. The Character played by Jose Garcia is the main character. The film speak about the present football in Britanny. It's the story of Patrick Orbera the ex-best french footballeur. The pride is up to his head and he became alcoholic so he lost his career and the guard of his daughter. To repare his fault he come in Britanny to get a job and see again his daugther. After he come trainer of football and he arrive a lot of mishapes... This film is really good with a lot of humor for me this film is an oscar.

Ingela A (jp) wrote: Mohamed Diab, the director should be congratulated for this gripping presentation of the silent humiliation suffered by Egyptian women and the courage of three women in fighting back against all odds. If Fayza's simple step brings he system to the point of examining its flaws, Seba and Nelly garner the much needed support to provide a platform for the voice of the suffering women. The sound track is excellent and the editing is superb, providing the best support to the clear and commendable cinematography. All the characters have acted so well, it looks as if it is happening in our presence. One of the best films destined to change the perspective of the society in the way it allows such gross injustice to go unpunished. The end is dramatic and deeply touching, adding a feather in the director's cap.

Sausages M (gb) wrote: Hilarious. I'm literally the first person to show any interest in this film on here. Well, let me start by saying I live on the island this film is set, Sheppey in Kent, and that I've seldom seen what I consider its bleak beauty so brilliantly visually portrayed. Unfortunately, that's where any beauty ends where "Uncle David" is concerned.The story makes no sense. Why would anyone agree to be killed- especially someone as drop dead gorgeous as Ashley? It's hinted that he's pimped out and damaged, but there isn't enough of that in his portrayal. What we get instead is a surprisingly good turn from a porn star. His childlike innocence came across really well, and heightened the creepiness. Sure, he wasn't overly convincing with a lot of the lines but non-verbally he was spot on. I guess that's what we should expect from someone who works with his body for a living.No, the real problem here is two-fold. The first issue is that the plot is never explained. There is little or no exposition, just hints in between endless Hoyle diatribes about the stultifying naffness of heterosexuals. One gets the impression Hoyle is an intelligent man, but he's no academic and it shows. His philosophies are all fatally flawed and hopelessly immature. The world doesn't work like that, David. Get with it or get off it. We're all doing our best to make it less crappy, and all I hear from you is an unrelenting superior air wrapped in student nihilism. I suppose it's fitting therefore, that the main problem with this film was actually his performance, which is best described as moribund. Unlike his alter ego The Divine David, Hoyle in his 'undressed' form which we must assume is the 'real' him has nothing about him of interest. This would no doubt be death to him, to be found so unremarkable. So ordinary. You could find hundreds of Uncle Davids in divey gay bars any day of the week- just another bitter old queen. Perhaps that was meant to be the point of the performance but given the persistent Hoyle philosophy I doubt it. As a gay man I find this humourless portrayal of intergenerational and incestuous homosexual love to be insultingly stereotypical. Here was an opportunity for a bit of irony, a bit of black humour, something perversely wonderful in a John Waters fashion, completely wasted on some sort of poor attempt at a modern day mythological tragedy. Way to reinforce the creepy uncle gay stereotype, Hoyle!

Sergio R (kr) wrote: Ambitious and thought-provoking but unintentionally ridiculous and self-indulgent, My name is Khan is a moving and excellent movie in the first 100 minutes but the last 70 minutes are so ridiculous and manipulative that almost overshadows the socially complex and emotionally involving that is supposed to be. The performances are brilliant and the screenplay is quite outstanding but again there is some forced scenes.There is some potential in the material and emotionally is quite efficient but later the complexity in the movie converts into a extremely ambitious and frontal pov, that sometimes doesn't cover all the ground. If the movie was just the romantic comedy with a little drama and a socially complex enviroment had been so much better.

Rodney E (kr) wrote: Slacker Uprising could easily been edited down into a less than ten minute bonus on the Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD. What this waste of time amounts to is Michael Moore going on a tour trying to get college students to vote for John Kerry, which is perfectly fine, but Moore tends to carry on like he is a politician or televangelist in his hokey speeches. To add insult to a crappy documentation of his tour is the famous celebrities and musicians who Moore "uses". What's more subversive than having Joan Baez show up to a rally like it is 1968? No offense to Joan Baez but do you understand what I am saying? And Moore is up to his cheap attempts at comedy with handing out Ramen noodles and underwear. To sit around in your underwear and eat even the most awful flavored Ramen noodles would be better than to endure this turd.

Fredericka A (ru) wrote: Very interesting concept...well presented with alot of ambiguity...Watch this movie a second time and ambiguity is replaced by eloquence...I like the fact that it leaves you thinking on many levels...In my interpretaion, there was a very clear climax...Instinctively, the whole thing felt tragic and left me feeling very sad, though I am not sure that this is as it is meant to be...

Travis B (mx) wrote: It made me feel like i had a mid-life crisis.

Jojo H (ca) wrote: One of my favorite animated films of all time. Does a great job of setting up a unique atmosphere & slowly building tension as well as wonder. I strongly recommend this one.

Pamela D (it) wrote: Mesmerizing account of a German POW making his way back across 3000 miles of Russia after escaping from a Soviet forced labor camp in Siberia. A bit slow in a few places. One might do well to fast-forward through the first 8 minutes of irrelevant and sappy family sentiment, to the point where the prisoners actually debark from the trains and begin their ordeal. This film could have been a bit more gritty, but it is nevertheless a very interesting adventure. Well produced, German language, English subtitles.

Tanner B (ag) wrote: WWII drama starts out slow, but then gets exciting. Never boring. I just wish I got to know the characters more, because I didn't really care about some of them dying. Which wasn't intentional.

Carlos G (au) wrote: Great film, some might say its bit boring but no. It's great, it shows man trying to stand up on his own in the most violent time in new York city history. So its finely made and brilliantly acted. Great add to the collection, Oscar Isaac is fantastic.

Chris B (ru) wrote: This will go down as one of the greatest movies of all time! This film is so groundbreaking in the action genre and introduced to us one of the most iconic characters ever in Mr. Indiana Jones. This film is perfect from directing all the way to the score. You will find nothing wrong with this movie so definitely treat yourself!

john b (ru) wrote: Am I the only one that noticed how stupid this movie was? Probably not. What pisses me off about this flick is that it starts well but turns into utter shit. I liked the beginning enough that I can't even in good conscience give it lower than a 30%. And that really pisses me off. Every idiotic turn in Jolene's life defies even the slightest hint of realism. Every character that comes into contact with Jolene is written so broadly that nothing they say bears even the slightest weight. Every decision that Jolene makes is so perfunctory, her tragedies seem more patheticly humorous than sad. I can assure you I'm trying to be nice. Email me, and I'll tell you how I really feel.

Angelina C (fr) wrote: Just watch The Wrestler instead.