The King of the Streets

The King of the Streets

Yue Feng (Yue Song) is a young thug with exceptional streetfighting abilities. He will stop at nothing to defeat all challengers - until, in an tragic accident, he kills a fellow competitor and is sent to prison. Eight years later, Yue Feng emerges a changed man. He no longer fights, and is looking for a new life of peace and fulfillment. But it's brutal on the streets, and redemption doesn't come easy. His brotherhood is destroyed, family members murdered, and a loved one humiliated - a deadly chain reaction that leaves him no choice but to unleash his power in the name of justice.

Yue Feng (Yue Song) is a young thug with exceptional streetfighting abilities. He will stop at nothing to defeat all challengers - until, in an tragic accident, he kills a fellow competitor... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Strapped P (it) wrote: If you consider yourself a true horror fanatic and refuse to settle for the cheap thrills of movies that make you what until the last 20 minutes for something to actual happen, you know the different between torture films and horror (torture films: the torture is the star, horror: the villain(s) committing the torture are the star), and you like a great story that feels less like a story and more like a part of your life experience, u will appreciate this movie! it is horror, it is suspense and as in life, this is very little to laugh about.

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Julien B (us) wrote: In this day and age; it takes some balls to release a black & white film with little (if any) special effects of any kind. The thing is, Javor Gardev has balls, big one for that matter.Zift is a neo-noir (et blanc) film tracing the story of "Moth", having been jailed in Bulgaria's transition's process to communism. The story starts by its end, with a humorously grotesque story of a man taking vengeance over his wife's deception by unloading three tons of crap in her lover's apartment. This parable clearly sets the tone of the movie as a whole. Then comes a succession of scenes, with somewhat of a guideline (thematic if not temporal) that guides the viewer through a vivid criticism -through parofy- of Soviet Realism. To end right where it started.The film manages, with a budget equivalent to an extras' salary in any Hollywood movie, to impress. The cinematography has its good times, but never disappoints. The script is well written, with excellent monologues from "Moth"; and Domo Alexiev's portrayal of the main character is excellent. The main issue with the movie is the editing (too short to convey it's message, and too messy -especially for someone who's not necessarily familiar with Bulgarian language/culture) and the score (music when put upfront is good, but the instrumentals during some scenes don't fit with the images shown).Well, I recommend it to anyone who isn't afraid of indie black and white films; and want to see something about communism with another edge than your typical western European or Russian movie. 4.

Jason H (ag) wrote: A Danish-made answer to Japanese horror, complete with creepy, long-haired ghost and stylish direction. Takes a bit to warm up but once the scares come, they come fast and fierce.

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