The Kings Of Summer

The Kings Of Summer

Joe Toy, on the verge of adolescence, finds himself increasingly frustrated by his single father, Frank's attempts to manage his life. Declaring his freedom once and for all, he escapes to a clearing in the woods with his best friend, Patrick, and a strange kid named Biaggio. He announces that they are going to build a house there, free from responsibility and parents. Once their makeshift abode is finished, the three young men find themselves masters of their own destiny, alone in the woods.

Premiering to rave reviews at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, The Kings of Summer is a unique coming-of-age comedy about three teenage friends – Joe (Nick Robinson), Patrick (Gabriel Basso) and the eccentric and unpredictable Biaggio (Moises Arias) - who, in the ultimate act of independence, decide to spend their summer building a house in the woods and living off the land. Free from their parents’ rules, their idyllic summer quickly becomes a test of friendship as each boy learns to appreciate the fact that family - whether it is the one you’re born into or the one you create – is something you can';t run away from. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Abdulrahman H (gb) wrote: This movie has a great soundtrack. But I guess that's it.American Hustle also has a great choice of actors, but none of them really live up to the excitement. I first thought I should check it out because the critics LOVED it (Maybe they're right this time?). But no, I was absolutely tricked yet again by the hype for this movie. The movie spends too much time on unnecessary dialogue. It's also focused too much on the romance. I couldn't stand it! This guy likes this women...Oh wait, this guy is now yelling at his wife...and a whole bunch of other sex content is present in the movie. But the thing that bothered me most was how it's being praised for its humor. WTF? No humor at all. So so so forced and out of place. That being said, I found the scene with De-Niro entertaining. Also Jeremy Renner was the only character that I cared about and found him interesting. To be honest, I also found the story interesting but it wasn't great as some of the critics suggested it to be. In the end It's just not as good as most people said it was.Score: 5/10 (Mediocre).

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Udrayana P (es) wrote: Inspiring story.. Cuba Gooding Jr. portrays Ben Carson really well.

Radek C (au) wrote: Another supernatural journey from Kusturica. The two elements I always appreciate most about the director are the Mob feature which for some reason cracks me up and characters living in a normal world, yet their lives are far from ordinary. And I love the contraptions! And the flying man! And the good defies the evil motif! Marvelous :)

Alex C (gb) wrote: The most underrated film of 2000, and one of the most underrated films of the decade. Honestly, I don't even remember when it came out, but I must say when I finally got around to watching it, I was happy that I did. This is just a beautiful, well-told story of Buddy. He's a man who's in a marriage with a wife he can barely stand and really doesn't love, but tradition keeps him tied to her. But then he meets and falls in love with another woman who's man left her, and left her pregnant. Buddy is a good guy and he doesn't want to leave his wife, who although a little bitchy, is also a genuine person. But in the end he makes the right decision for not only himself, but the two women he has feelings for. And the narration in the film, as it turns out at the end, was a great way to tell this story. What a sweet little gem right here.

Tammy L (ca) wrote: not a very "B" grade way

Shaun C (ru) wrote: Annoyingly pathetically embarrassing .. Good ending though

Joe D (es) wrote: The chrome-breasted input-eater.

Lucas M (jp) wrote: An incoherent, unfunny and strange comedy movie by De Palma, a good director in suspense films, but very bad in humor. Sometimes, Home Movies have his moments, unfortunately flaw with the lack of laugh in the audience and make the people doesn't care about the characters or they destiny. Boring and forgettable. Rotten.

Justin G (gb) wrote: A truly horrible movie.

Alexandre L (us) wrote: Not a fan of musicals -- never been. I find most of them silly and over the top. Gold Diggers of 1933 succeeded in keeping my interest with a well-balanced amount of musical numbers mixed in with some good, lighthearted comedy.

Nick V (fr) wrote: Kinda clunky. Kinda like jazz I guess. This is a very tough adaptation to achieve given the free flow nature of the book. It's a unique story but probably not best suited for the silver screen, unless you can get Aaron Sorkin to weave through this tangled story. Still very thought provoking for those who are seeking life's mysteries of the soul.