The Knot

The Knot

A couple endures a series of mishaps right before their wedding day.

Soulmates Alexandra (Talulah Riley) and Jeremy (Matthew McNulty) are going to get married. They do not know that they have to pass through many challenges such as: missing bridesmaids, car accident,, before they can enjoy the special moment to walk down the aisle and say" Yes, I do". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Knot torrent reviews

madeitrun r (jp) wrote: kocak nih pilem..ngelempar bom sekali ledakannya 5 kali..haha

Andres G (de) wrote: Simple story tried to be told with a deep sight that is not achieved but found totally artifficial.The photography is quite good, though.

Stefan T (ag) wrote: A heart wrenching account before, during and after Katrina hit New Orleans. Filled with memorable scenes that you'll soon not forget. One sticking in my mind is when they are in the attic, on the phone with the emergency dispatch operator. The last half of the movie drags a little bit.

Kavusigan S (fr) wrote: Not really good but Ok

Richard M (us) wrote: A nice short film which portrays realistic accounts of major parts of England. Nathalie Press gives a decent enough performance as the mother of four, struggling to get along, seeking attention from the lead male David, played by typical Danny Dyer. Even though the cinematography is decent, I found it difficult to see how this won an Oscar. Some parts are lacking, and although there are humorous moments (David unable to start his car), the story only just about gets along as it is a short film.

R S (br) wrote: Excellent title film ever made. Mujhe khushi hui

Casey L (kr) wrote: I went to sleep watching it

Michael T (de) wrote: Spaghetti western; nothing extraordinary about it.

David W (nl) wrote: Not much happens, but hey lot of money means more of this....ha....