The Kremlin Letter

The Kremlin Letter

A network of older spies from the West recruits a young intelligence officer with a photographic memory to accompany them on a mission inside Russia. They must recover a letter written by the CIA that promises American assistance to Russia if China gets the atomic bomb.

A network of older spies from the West recruits a young intelligence officer with a photographic memory to accompany them on a mission inside Russia. They must recover a letter written by ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Private U (gb) wrote: I think this film is one of the most underrated biographies I've ever seen. It's obviously been given a Hollywood shine, but what film isn't. I think it's an amazingly warm, insightful interpretation of Steve Jobs and his life. It captures some of the pivotal moments in his life that empowered him and crushed him, both being of great importance. Ashton Kutcher has captured the almost Autistic nature of him with uncanny resemblance to smile, walk and speech patterns. I watched this film and felt so uplifted. Who cares if it isn't 100% accurate; I'm sure Rose and Jack didn't actually float on a broken door when the Titanic Sank. Just like the limited views of those in his actual life, a lot of people aren't seeing the message behind the picture. All I know is that it inspires me, and that's all I care about.

Selena B (ru) wrote: wow! I'm only not even 10mins into this movie... oh dear oh diddly me!!! My four year old could write a better script and sure as "hell" could act better in his nightmares. Oh Malcolm.. please!! What are you doing in this??? What is this cods-wallop??? This is officially the worst thing I have ever waisted my time on!!! Malcolm, don't ever do anything like this again!!!

Igor T (nl) wrote: Some poor acting is pulling the quality of the movie down, but it could be a very good sniper movie.

Margarita S (ca) wrote: Bringing to life whimsical Irish folklore into a realistic, modern setting isn't easy, but Jordan succeeds in this film. The setting is breathtaking. Farrell delivers a compelling, heartfelt performance. The tenderness and longing between Syracuse (Farrell) and Ondine (Bachleda) is raw and honest. The pace, however, is inconsistent; it's slow and terribly minimalist in parts and then abruptly switches over to high drama to force the plot forward. If the build had been done evenly, the movie would have turned out more substantial and better rounded.

Patrick F (mx) wrote: I really loved this movie as a child. I"m sure kids today will love it.

David A (it) wrote: "Army of Darkness"? More like "Army of 'Meh.'" How do you went from a scary, straight horror flick to this? It's just plain corny. So many crappy one liners. Yes, I laughed over a few of them, but it gets annoying after a while. The plot is just ridiculous. Could have been much better if they didn't rush it. I guess because of budget constraints? If that's true, then why head into this direction? It's the like the writers ran out of ideas. Sam Raimi, I think you're a great director, but you fucked up this series with this corny, cheesy, childish third installment of the "Evil Dead" trilogy. Please, bring back horror again instead of going full blown comedy.

Tom H (ag) wrote: a funny comedy with James Belushi taking over a business mans life and ruins it in the process. you really should hold on to your Filofax these days. i guess it would be a blackberry nowadays. it is just a nice simple fun flick worth watching at least once.

Dillinger P (ca) wrote: In the 80's Eddie Murphy was bigger than god, in fact many hailed him as one, and although he may have had his fall from grace since then, his controversies and failed attempts at reinvigorating his career, Murphy was one of the greatest stand ups and comedy actors America ever created. In an era full of SNL, stand up comedy and funny blockbusters, Murphy was literally the king off all of them and in some respects Beverly Hills Cop could be hailed as one of his most successful franchises. Although the entire trilogy is like a roller coaster, the first installment was the one that started it all, with its rough exterior and laughably stilted sequences, however it had magic, a sense of fun and stupidity. Beverly Hills Cop see's Eddie Murphy play Axel Foley, a wise cracking Detroit cop, who has a promising career if he could get a string of good luck. After the execution of his childhood friends Mikey, Foley asks for some vacation time in which to follow up a lead in Beverly Hills regarding Mikey's killer, however when he gets there he discovers an entirely different world. It's hard to think of Beverly Hills Cop as anything but a great fish out of water movie, especially when you know Stallone was initially in the drivers seat for Axel Foley, Murphy's inclusion clearly made this film stand out, however with what we are left with, you cant help but feel some of Stallone's presence was still lurking in the roots of it all, most notably a home invasion shootout that resembles Commando's finale. However Murphy, although clearly not completely confident with the character in this installment, does bring some massive amount of fun to the relatively formulaic and stilted proceedings. There is a slight air of this is so bad its good, however upon closer inspection, it was really the building blocks for something a lot stronger, as seen in the sequel. Judge Reinhold, John Ashton and Ronny Cox all join in the fun and make a relatively brilliant collection of characters you love to be around, steered completely by Murphy's presence. Beverly Hills Cop really is a mixed bag, on the one hand it brings a whole host of fun into your life on the other, its brutally obvious where the cracks lie, under developed characterization, formulaic dialogue between characters, that had Murphy not been present would have been shunned for atrocious plot development, pretty tame action sequences and a slight feeling of missed opportunity. All of the above are clear as day while watching, especially in retrospect, however for some reason it adds a cheesy charm to the whole proceedings. Beverly Hills Cop never has you cringing, never has a dull moment and feels utterly nostalgic straight off the bat with a blinding soundtrack, iconic scenes and of course Eddie Murphy coming into fruition. Beverly Hills Cop is the film that had to happen in order for us to get the far superior sequel, however it does have a unique charm that is missing from all of the other installments. Hilarious film, which may divide opinions in todays culture, however there is no denying a sense of fun and stupidity to be had here.

Brendan A (it) wrote: Enjoyable splatter movie from Umberto Lenzi, director of such classics as "Eaten Alive" & "Welcome To Spring Break". The movie opens with an airplane landing in Rome- unfortunately the plane has been exposed to radiation and the passengers are now zombies who begin to chomp their way through the population. There's not much more plot than that, but as is the tradition with Italian zombie flicks, there's loads of graphic gore and sex- Lenzi clearly has a breast fixation, but not in the old Russ Meyer sense- as evidenced by scenes here (and more infamously in what would be possibly his most notorious movie, 1981's 'Cannibal Ferox). The tone is actually rather campy and goofy, which only adds to the fun. Mainly notable for being one of the first films to feature zombies who run, rather than the traditional shambling ones. The zombie makeup is suitably disgusting- sort of like a porridge and vomit combination. I wonder if this was an inspiration in creating the look of "Toxie" in 1985s "Toxic Avenger"?

Hannah D (fr) wrote: The ending is perfection

lukev s (kr) wrote: 1 ov the best true storys iv seen


Bethany N (jp) wrote: Enjoyable enough ending to the Series.

Asif K (us) wrote: not quite interested !!!!!

Colin B (ca) wrote: Saw this last night. Middle of the road, funny in places and lighthearted. Just not my kind of film.