The Lady and the Monster

The Lady and the Monster

A millionaire's brain is preserved after his death, and telepathically begins to take control of those around him.

A millionaire's brain is preserved after his death, and telepathically begins to take control of those around him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David S (us) wrote: Pretty all over the place. Kind of just starts, no build up, just ends then and there. Just mehhh

Josh F (mx) wrote: I thought this one was pretty good. Liked Timberlake and Affleck, but it just felt rushed and a little too neat at the end. Just OK.

Thomas W (mx) wrote: Brilliant movie! Delivered laughs and dealt with real issues.

Joshua W (ag) wrote: Vincent Gallo is always great at playing an asshole and in this film he is a giant one. This movie is a fantastic study of the relationship between estranged brothers both who feel put upon by their family dynamics. Coppola is at his best in this film and I am not really a fan of his but the story was so engrossing and the beautiful black and white imagery of Argentina it is not to be missed.

Michael G (jp) wrote: Though it contained a few funny parts, the whole movie was riddled with incorrect parenting and worldly doctrine. Pushing the ever popular mindset that the kids are smarter then their parents. Loaded with unbiblical worldviews and very immature adults, it was, to me, an overall disasterThough it was not much of a movie in general, I will admit that it did have some funny parts, but that being said, It was mostly a stupid childish movie packed with adults acting like Five yearyolds and kids disrespecting authority.I do not recommend this movie at all, and in a way, would of liked my time back so I could of watched something else...

Wild S (au) wrote: Spielberg is lost without a Michael Crichton or Richard Matheson writing the script. Characters are blank slates with "goals" to whom things happen that make them think a little. You can forget about anything deeper or more courageous.

Andrew O (au) wrote: For all it's darkness and barely hidden cynicism, American Beauty is, well, a beautiful film. It makes one appreciate life more and has an odd sense of optimism about it, and makes a filmmaker like myself never want to stop making movies.

James H (kr) wrote: tupid movie, a ridiculous plot. The acting is okay for the most part, but that is one of the only decent things about the film. I have never been much of a Stephen King fan, just don't find the majority of his work scary or frightening. I think he is way overrated. This story is like Christine except with trucks. Not much imagination, poor score. Dumb.

Seabury N (jp) wrote: I don't get the hype. This is the worst Zhang Yimou film I've seen, which doesn't make it bad by any stretch. It is just too pointless, underdeveloped, and repetitive for me to take any liking to it.

Andy M (mx) wrote: no stars...DOGSHIT! the worst film evermade.

Eric B (us) wrote: Well, I did like the dwarf.

David E (mx) wrote: I remember seeing parts of "Cube" when I was little & was genuinely terrified of the concept of being trapped with (nearly) no way out. "Cube" is one grade-A science fiction horror film about seven strangers who are in a gigantic maze-like cube filled with deadly traps while having to deal issues with each other. With strong acting, unsettling environments, & great direction by Vincenzo Natali, "Cube" is a must-see for horror fans!

frederator d (ru) wrote: With hardly any budget, no material to work from, the franchise before and poor acting even by horror movie standards, Jason goes to hell won't even appeal to hard core fan's of the series (if there are any) because of the mildest horror movie jump scares and terrible cgi effects! Jason should have gone to hell sooner!

Evan S (ca) wrote: While it's beautifully shot and boasts terrific performances from Garrett Hedlund and Kristen Stewart (Kristen Stewart!), On The Road fails miserably to capture the essence of Kerouc's tremendously immersive novel.