The Lady Eve

The Lady Eve

Returning from a year up the Amazon studying snakes, the rich but unsophisticated Charles Pike meets con-artist Jean Harrington on a ship. They fall in love, but a misunderstanding causes them to split on bad terms. To get back at him, Jean disguises herself as an English lady, and comes back to tease and torment him.

A trio of classy card sharks targets the socially awkward heir to brewery millions for his money, till one of them falls in love with him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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K C (kr) wrote: it can't get any better then this and I know movies.

Gemma M (nl) wrote: Yet another movie in which Sandler plays his typical character, Click sees him learn the importance of all of life's moments including those annoying moments we just want to fast forward through. Although I did shed a tear at his impending demise near the end of the movie, the Christmas Carol type ending of learning a lesson and becoming a better person was just too predictable to forgive this shameless imitation a better rating!

Rohan D (br) wrote: Loved this movie!! Im a huge fan of FG,I must state :)Not much to the story but all you expect is a hilarious comedy anyway and thats what you get! :DGo for it if you're a FG fan!

Ryan J (it) wrote: Rough around the edges but fun

issa rayneThe Coffin Queen Loves Dentyne Gum (mx) wrote: one of the best movies of all time!This is one of the only movies that makes me truly emotional throughout the entire film! A must see!!

Geraldine C (ag) wrote: Really liked the film... don't know, nothing really happens but I think it reflects a bit of Ireland...

Anh H (br) wrote: Yes! Absolutely an Oscar worthy movie. Made me cry like a little btch )):

David S (jp) wrote: Fantastic Planet is a creative and mesmerizing take on a world where human traits are simplified to their basics, and colourful animation is used to convey multiple layers of stories and ideas. It is no surprise this graceful and surreal take on human interactions is french made. Requiring some patience, this animation holds ransom many ideas ready to be taken with proper viewing. Filled with irony and subtle dark humour, there is plenty to be received from Fantastic Planet, a great unexpected find.

JuanKa P (mx) wrote: Los Miller representan la familia perfecta de Estados Unidos que han logrado construir un imperio a base de trabajo duro y Robert Miller (Richard Gere) el patriarca, est a punto de cerrar la venta de su empresa con lo que concluir el paso final de una carrera exitosa. No obstante, un enorme fraude se encierra detrs esta negociacin que podra ponerse al descubierto y generar conflictos familiares cuando los valores choquen con los intereses. Por otro lado, los amoros de Miller podran tener graves consecuencias cuando un conflicto policial parece alcanzarlo. Con Susan Sarandon, Tim Roth, Brit Marling, Laetitia Casta, y Nate Parker

Matthew S (it) wrote: Despite good intentions, this movie feels hollow.

Bill B (es) wrote: Continuing a themed day of Vampire viewing, I was pleased to also give this re-make of the classic film a spin, and I really dug what Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski brought to the table with this one.Well worth a look if you have the chance.

Vaibhav W (ag) wrote: A death row inmate's life is intertwined with his custodian's - pretty good plot if it wasn't for the extremely slow pace of the film.

Ken S (de) wrote: Decent mid-60s sci-fi movie about an astronaut that is forced to crash land on Mars, and somehow figure out a way to survive on a harsh planet. The story is told well enough (though it isn't exceptional), but the visuals are pretty damn good for 1964. The real desert locations mixed with sets, and composites, and other special effects are all pretty top notch (again, for it's time). I think the movie looks great, I think I just struggled to get engaged with the lead actor...he isn't awful, but he had to carry the whole movie...could've used a little more charisma.