The Lady in Question

The Lady in Question

When a jury member takes in the defendant he couldn"t convict, she has a bad influence on his son.

A juror in a murder trial takes pity on the recently acquitted dependent and invites her to move into his family's home and his son soon falls in love with her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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robert o (ru) wrote: good movie. this is one I think marvel should remake.

i C (it) wrote: 7/10Good narrator, good documentation

John T (nl) wrote: I really liked the cast. Sean Penn as an old hair band rock star was awesome. The movie was a bit too slow paced for me, though.

Timothy M (nl) wrote: Not bad. Could have benefitted from a shaper narrative focus and form, but in general it works. The acting is a little amateurish, though. Broomfield seems to be in his element during the action sequences - less so during the more intimate, quieter moments, which don't really gel. Still, a surprisingly decent effort.

Peter S (us) wrote: Realistic portrayal of how life can unwind a relationship. Communication has failed in a marriage and is reflected in the language and cultural misunderstandings of Prague.

Taylor R (mx) wrote: Stupid. Black movies like this irritate me.

Zahid C (ca) wrote: Day: FridayDate: 19 Mar 2004Time: 10.20pmWith: Mom, Dad, AzeemOn: CableName: KHAKEE

Jason D (jp) wrote: ...creepy narration, and a serial killing barber...makes it nearly perfect...

Ben J (us) wrote: This movie gives a very authentic feel to Vietnam. Although there were problems, such as the jarring editing, good acting, action, and authenticity to the source makes this film stand out.

Maciej W (de) wrote: I will always remember this film as the worst I've ever seen.

Meenakshi G (mx) wrote: Seem to be a serious flick

Dane C (us) wrote: A brutal, tragic tale that will leave you extremely emotionally confused.

Chris H (nl) wrote: The legendary Clark Gable is plantation owner Hamish Bond, who has a secret past of slave trading. Sidney Poitier is outstanding as the freedom-yearning slave who Bond has raised a son. Yvonne DeCarlo is stunning as Amantha Starr, the daughter of a wealthy Louisiana plantation owner. What is in store for her future?

Private U (mx) wrote: A good tearjerker, especially the scene in the army recovery hospital.

Johnny L (kr) wrote: Mr. Williams passed before I finished this, and once I had finished, I realized he drew from the depths of his own experiences to portray this and other roles. This is a chilling story, soaked in longing and pain.

Dave C (br) wrote: Very good revenge western with Mads MIkkelson unleashing hell in the strangest burnt out town I've ever seen whilst the bad guys seek to do the same to him.I am hard put to remember a better film with less likeable characters.See it if you get the chance.