The Lady with the Dog

The Lady with the Dog

In the Nineteenth Century, at the seaside resort of Yalta, the upper class Dimitri Gurov from Moscow meets Anna Sergeyovna walking with her little dog. Both have unhappy marriages: Dimitri ...

In the Nineteenth Century, at the seaside resort of Yalta, the upper class Dimitri Gurov from Moscow meets Anna Sergeyovna walking with her little dog. Both have unhappy marriages: Dimitri ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Katherine L (de) wrote: Excellent - must see for EVERYONE. Entertaining, informative, motivating message - should be a must in all school science curriculums!!!

Adnan K (mx) wrote: Awesome!! Its like Playboy meeting Scream and the best part is that it has an amazing end. The girls are amazing and are so many that they simply dont leave room for a male lead! Will surely have you hooked and drooling!!

Robert D (ca) wrote: Worst than sharknado

Cole E (ca) wrote: No matter how "bad" people say this movie is, no one can deny the true comedic properties that this movies contains. Kevin James is a magician of comedy, and should be thought of as so.

Luciano G (de) wrote: Not as good as the first film but better than the second. Its more bloody mayhem as the survivors try to stay alive......worth a look if you saw the first one and don't mind tasteless blood and guts......

Miyuki N (nl) wrote: Adorable, funny, real and smart. Kind of like the perfect mate. Hey, this should be the tagline ;)

Priya T (mx) wrote: this was okits a great story about family and sticking together

Josh B (kr) wrote: Sweet, nostalgic story by Stephen King. Seeing Anton Yelchin has a cute chubby-cheeked little kid was pretty cool, and, apparently the kid has always had his acting chops, because he was great.

haiqing l (it) wrote: it is a mediocrity . i love it ,truly

Chris B (ru) wrote: The Best film of 2010...pipping Inception, Toy Story 3, Despicable me and MacGruber. Ben Affleck gives one heck of a sensational performance while directing with such style that Michael Mann and John Woo better be careful. The Action scenes are better than in Heat...and most possibly has the greatest shootout since The Wild Bunch

Todd S (nl) wrote: Edward Furlong is one of my favorite actors. Jeff Bridges is one of the top actors in Hollywood, and while not on my top 10 list, he's still a brilliant actor. So, American Heart should have been an awesome film! I knew from reading reviews, that it was gonna be strange, but while most people liked it, I did not! The story follows an ex-con trying to restart his life, and his estranged, runaway son, that he just can't get rid of. The background is great, but the film sucks, seriously all you see is these people going about their everyday business! Nothing really happens, you feel no connection to the characters whatsoever, and there is really no reason to care about what is happening!? Just go follow two random people on the street for a couple days and watch them go about their everyday life and you'll know what this awful film was like.

John K (us) wrote: A wonderful watch. Great story that's brings as many smiles as it does tear jerking moments.

Chris M (ru) wrote: Fun slasher from the early 80's. It's campy throughout, but with a few moments of suspense and tension. The murder scenes are executed with a certain degree of style and pizazz. Look out for he hilarious Paul Lynde-esque music teacher who croons to his female students and "allows" a fresh faced Linnea Quigley to motorboat her for a higher grade.For true cheese lovers only! There's unintentional laughs galore.

Kiko E (ru) wrote: Some late Kurasawa movie magic. Kagemusha (meaning Shadow Warrior in Japanese)is a must see. Everything about this movie is incredible. The score is epic. The cast numbers in the hundreds if not thousands. The attention to detail is amazing. Similar to Ran with the great Yasuda Nakadai(who took over as Kurasawa's go-to leading actor after a beef with Toshiro Mifune) plays a thief saved from execution because he looks like lord Shingen. Shingen and his brother use him as the lords double. Shingen is shot down with an arrow and fatally wounded. His death is kept a secret from everyone. Even the thief impersonating him doesn't know until he tries to steal from a large jar thinking it's treasure only to find Shingens corpse inside. He is found and captured. Its the Prince and the Pauper set in 15th century Japan basically. There's no cgi or cheap special effects. Just good old fashioned movie making by the greatest director of all time. Kurasawa had trouble financing his projects late in life. It's hard to believe given his pedigree, it wasn't until his buddies Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppola (both huge fans) found some American financiers. A beautiful movie that never seems to drag even at 3 hours. Not as good as Ran but close. A masterpiece.

Tim M (nl) wrote: Starts off slow, introducing the characters. Not only is it from New Zealand, it's 15 years old, very little translates in regards to cinematography, music, any style. What does come across is the harsh abuse. The binge drinking is comical. Three guys sitting at a table with five full pitchers of beer and 20 empty liter bottles. The guy just picks of the pitcher of beer and drinks. Even if the other four pitchers aren't for them, damn. It's like "Hey, I already had seven liters of beer today, lets just drink from the pitcher". The film illustrates the profound suffering incurred by not having birth control, and what becomes of a people that don't assimilate. Having a 16 year old play a 13 year old is unconvincing, Page could pull it off in Hard Candy but the actress doesn't look it here. It's weird at the end how they try to stop vigilante justice, I guess they wanted him to have a fair trial. Great ending.

Wade W (it) wrote: The Homesman as a simplistic, yet engrossing Western with beautiful cinematography, excellent performances, genuine emotion and a surprising amount of comedy. I had a great time with it and there's plenty if entertainment, despite the few dull moments. (4/5)

Vaughan M (kr) wrote: Very funny and smart- Chris Rock's best and most impressive work ever.

Gerardo C (nl) wrote: A very intense love story, its rawness tried to make it rough but Blacnhett's performance kept it elegant and charming.