The Land of Hope

The Land of Hope

An old couple, their only son, the son's wife, a young man and his lover live peacefully in a village. Then, a terrifying earthquake strikes that causes a nearby nuclear station to explode. The residents must evacuate, but the family lives on a farm, with only half of the area designated as an evacuation area...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:snow,   disaster,   japan,  

An earthquake causes a nuclear crisis in a fictional prefecture set in Japan. In wake of the disaster, the members of the Ono family who reside just outside the border of the mandatory ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Land of Hope torrent reviews

Eduardo B (es) wrote: Funny and heartwarming stuff here.

Joey S (mx) wrote: Never saw the original, but enjoyed this one.

Paul N (it) wrote: Very compelling acting, especially from Langella.

Faley A (it) wrote: one of the best bololywood moies of all time

Jeff B (ca) wrote: A comedic nightmare. The characters were flat, the comedy fell WAY short, and the story was made by the same cookie-cutter as any other young athletic movie. Martin Lawrence pulls out jokes that have been used, over used, and then bleached and used again. He even has a double character that makes about as much sense as a fever-dream. Do not bother to watch this unless you are up for cheesy, campy, pointless mock-comedy.


Jay T (au) wrote: I can't turn this off every single time it airs on Showtime. What a weird and wonderful movie.

Jari C (gb) wrote: I've actually seen this flick once - back in the day - but cannot remember much of it...

Peter P (fr) wrote: Wow, A Charles Bronson movie where Bronson doesn't kill anybody and never even fires a shot. What were they thinking. Anyway, Messenger Of Death is ok in places, and the scene with the gas trucks is pretty impressive in the driving department, but other then that I just kept on waiting for Bronson to be more.... well, Bronsonish, but it just never happened, so I was a little disappointed.

Scott B (fr) wrote: Don't know how it's took me so like no to get round to watching this movie . Like Leo's dodgy Zimbo accent ( which cracks at several times) this movie is as patchy as it gets , some things being a little to convenient , however this is an OK adventure romp with a message.

Ryan C (jp) wrote: Successfully spoofing other sports dramas, "Dodgeball" is a hilarious good time as it pins Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller against one another in an epic showdown and has gained much popularity in pop culture.

Tasos L (mx) wrote: A pretty decent western with great acting by Neeson and Brosnan.

Halimali H (jp) wrote: The only nice thing about this movie is its poster. But even that is considered a spoiler

John G (gb) wrote: Ndelse menn mter Cannibal Holocaust? Rare greier, egentlig. Mtte faktisk se vekk et par ganger.

Stacey R (nl) wrote: Sweet and enjoyable Australian film. Beautiful countryside. Interesting view of Australian society and life.