The Last American Hero

The Last American Hero

A backwoods bootlegger decides to put the driving skills he developed evading the law to good use. He becomes a race car driver, and eventually, one of the fastest drivers in history.

A young hellraiser quits his moonshine business to try to become the best NASCAR racer the south had ever seen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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RajanSatish P (ag) wrote: Old school romance cooked with flavors of India. Enjoyed the movie especially the open ending

Bo J (ag) wrote: The only reason people are giving this a bad review is because the protagonists are southern white men and the antagonists are, for the most part, women and minorities. So I can see how it would trigger some people in (current year.) but put social justice aside for a moment and you have an action packed movie full of excitement and dark humor that is just all around fun to watch. The soundtrack is amazing and fits the story perfectly. Skynyrd and Hank3? Wtf, seriously. In all honesty, it's probably about a 4 star movie. Wildly entertaining with just enough emotion and substance to keep it from being considered a comedy. But I wanted to cancel out some of the butt hurt low reviews from the social justice warriors who were too uptight to just enjoy a fun movie.

JuanKa P (de) wrote: Mel Gibson protagonista un prfugo de la justicia que va a dar a la crcel en Mxico luego haber robado ms de dos millones a unos mafiosos. En la catica crcel mexicana deber aprender a sobrevivir, para lo que necesitar de toda su astucia, imaginacin y habilidades con una pistola en la mano. Un film de accin, sencillo y entretenido

FilmGrinder S (gb) wrote: 68%Dying for the mortgage. The pow wow scene dragged, slower then a zombie with a broken leg.I use to run around in them there hills of Sonora.

Ordained F (mx) wrote: 3d sex and zen is things flying at you and girls with cleavage this movie is not special

Yash B (au) wrote: "Chicken Run" is an unusually smart animated movie that has tons of humor and delightful thrills. It's very unique when it comes to both style and substance which is why it is such a treat for young and old audiences alike.

Justin D (fr) wrote: Before filming started, author H.G. Wells told everyone connected with the movie how much he'd hated Fritz Lang's film "Metropolis" and how he wanted them to do the opposite of what Lang (whom he called "Lange") and his crew had done. -- IMDb Trivia: Things to Come (1936)

Robert M (it) wrote: It's disappointing that the zombies are gone after the 30 minute mark. The dialog can get pretty cheesy, the villain is over-the-top cartoonish and some of the waxy animation just isn't up to the standards set by Advent Children.