The Last Days of Man on Earth

The Last Days of Man on Earth

After the death of his Nobel Prize-winning father, billionaire physicist Jerry Cornelius becomes embroiled in the search for the mysterious "Final Programme", developed by his father. The ...

After the death of his Nobel Prize-winning father, billionaire physicist Jerry Cornelius becomes embroiled in the search for the mysterious "Final Programme", developed by his father. The ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gavin P (au) wrote: An average former-cop-gets-involved-with-local-bad-guys action film, with Statham playing Statham, Franco hamming it up a bit & Ryder + Bosworth looking red-neck anorexic. Plenrty of fights, explosions and "keep my daughter out of this" - not bad, but nothing new.

Monjit B (mx) wrote: Amazing story.. Nice action!!!

Maurcio V (us) wrote: compreensvel que os personagens envolvidos sintam-se incomodados com a situao mas, para um filme onde a presena de um adolescente hermafrodita colocada no centro da narrativa, o argentino XXY peca justamente por se manter distante do seu prprio ttulo. Alm disso, algumas situaes soam completamente inverossmeis e surgem com o propsito falho de ter um impacto dramtico maior, o que compromete o andamento do longa. A performance do sempre interessante Ricardo Darn contribui mas, no final, o saldo negativo bem maior.

Carla P (fr) wrote: A great introduction to the Dalai Lama and Buddhism in general!

Lenard K (ag) wrote: German woman running away from her abusive husband becomes involved with a venture capitalist. Interesting movie that had me wondering what would happen next, although the Donnie Darko ending was kind of disappointing.

Ryan W (jp) wrote: Ten Canoes is a beautifully shot Australian film although it does drag on for a bit

Private U (br) wrote: Vraiment l'impression que le film nous prend de haut !! tout le monde maitrise la japonais ! bien sur ! Le livre est excellent par contre.

Dan M (nl) wrote: From the beginning, it becomes known that viewers are in for a unique-comedic ride. Between the incidences with his future goals and somewhat insane father, Tom Green is able to make you laugh and ponder on why he does what he does. Some may view an artist, while others delusional. A definite classic for any movie buff.

Jennifer R (it) wrote: Would have rated higher if not for Liotta. I never really liked him as an actor. He just never does a good job in his parts and he always wears too much eye liner or something... Fun movie otherwise.

Barney B (jp) wrote: Unbelievably good, just like Tampopo's noodles.

Bob B (it) wrote: Still by far the best Trek movie, even today. Some of the best music from the movie series as well with a great main theme, not sure why successive movies and tv shows never attempted to re-use any of it.

Sverre K (nl) wrote: The best thing I can say about this movie, is that it's got amazing sets.

David C (fr) wrote: I had heard that this movie offered a critique of religion, but to my eye it offers no detectable stance on that or any other topic. "The Devil" is a vampish woman and Simon is her henpecked foil, a set-up that makes the movie feel a bit like a nightmare scene in a sitcom. It is mercifully short, but the twist ending offers no closure.

Tim S (br) wrote: Ok. Yeah, this one is bad, but it has some things going for it. For one, it has Ray Milland and Sam Elliott in it. Second, it has a sexy young Joan Van Ark wearing tight clothes and bikinis. Third, it has an animated frog at the end of the movie swallowing a person with a comic *gulp* sound (which is the reason to see the movie, in my opinion). So the movie's got a lot of comic value, as do most of American International's movies, but this one is slightly more enjoyable than the rest. Most are just unwatchable piles of crap. This one passes as watchable without being great.

Guido S (kr) wrote: Your arrogance offends me, the rate just went up 10%. Predictable and has some ridiculous moments, but moves at a pretty good pace and entertains, sometimes unintentionally, for the most part.

Justin M (ca) wrote: A fast-paced pastiche of 'shrinking' in scifi, an alcoholic Navy pilot gets trapped in the body of a loser Safeway clerk. More of an action-adventure comedy than anything else, it's entertaining without being much more.

Wahida K (us) wrote: A cute Movie. A family who Kick A and a lot of LOLs