The Last Deadly Mission

The Last Deadly Mission

A washed-up Marseilles cop (Auteuil) earns a chance at redemption by protecting a woman from the man who killed her parents as he is about to be released from prison.

A washed-up Marseilles cop (Auteuil) earns a chance at redemption by protecting a woman from the man who killed her parents as he is about to be released from prison. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrey B (de) wrote: Pretty well done ultra low budger psychological horror film.

Marlene W (es) wrote: started watching this movie, I liked it so much that I would only watch it 15 mn a day to spread it out... I would do my house work then treat myself to the movie.... then the ending!!!! really? Man! soooo its left in a way that I can write the ending. Paloma reads thoses books... I noticed in the movie that when she asks her parents if she can be a super.... the parents think its an ok Idea! then palomas look is of wonderment, mabe her parents care? yup... in my version she becomes a writter and artest and of course a super!

Zach M (us) wrote: I thought this movie was going to be a lot worse than it actually was.

Diganta B (ag) wrote: Too ambitious direction cant find the path.

Anna B (jp) wrote: Lovely, tender, sweet, insanely underrated.

Teddy L (ag) wrote: Should be shown to all high school students in their government class. A great documentary on the violence the feds used against US citizens and the lies they used to cover their collective alphabet soup asses.

Connor G (us) wrote: As I've found out, I'm not particularly fond of foodie movies, especially when the food really dominates the movie, like here.

Marjorie W (ag) wrote: A great, funny, under-rated film. More relevant today than when it was made.

Corey N (fr) wrote: Jay Killon is the bodyguard of the recently elected US president, buthe is assigned to the first lady (Lara Royce). Lara hates Killon so she does all she can to escape. The story complicates when someone tries to kill Lara...another quickly produced and cheaply made production from the Cannongroup, but it still has all the charm of a classic b-movie. Bronsonplays the exact same character he did in all his movies in theeighties, and is aided by a string of bad actors.the story is 'the bodyguard' but five years earlier and without the bigproduction values, and the sub-plots are ludicrous. Ireland and Bronsonare fun to watch and some of 'momma ones' lines are cheesy but fun, butwhat all people who even dare to rent out a cannon film from theeighties is, explosions.there a lots, and yes, they are laugh out loud funny. from the initialbike randomly blowing up to the boat, but the funniest sight in thisfilm is Bronson, on a bike, with a machine gun and rocket launcher.pure class, and sadly the stuntman doesn't have the same colourmoustache as Bronson, but he does blow up a barn.two minor quibbles though, there is one scene where they are beingchased by a truck on a railway line, and the truck falls off a ledge, idid think for one second it wasn't going to blow up, but it finallydid.and finally, when Bronson throws the Uzi down on the ground in thewoods, he does look like he's just taken a tray out of a microwave.other than that, it's pure mindless fun.

Susan B (nl) wrote: Great actors....wondering like nobody in the film but the dead guy. No point to this movie at all...very depressing and the lighting was not always the best..but then again, when they got the lighting

Shawna L (ag) wrote: Not as good as first but well worth watching!! ?

Barry L (mx) wrote: Really well paced and enjoyable thriller.Hopper at his usual baddy best.