The Last Detail

The Last Detail

Two Navy men are ordered to bring a young offender to prison but decide to show him one last good time along the way.

Two bawdy, tough looking navy lifers - "Bad-Ass" Buddusky, and "Mule" Mulhall - are commissioned to escort a young pilferer named Meadows to the brig in Portsmouth. Meadows is not much of a thief. Indeed, in his late teens, he is not much of a man at all. His great crime was to try to steal forty dollars from the admiral's wife's pet charity. For this, he's been sentenced to eight years behind bars. At first, Buddusky and Mulhall view the journey as a paid vacation, but their holiday spirits are quickly depressed by the prisoner, who looks prepared to break into tears at any moment. And he has the lowest self-image imaginable. Buddusky gets it into his head to give Meadows a good time and teach him a bit about getting on in the world. Lesson one: Don't take every card life deals you. Next, he teaches Meadows to drink, and, as a coup de grace, finds a nice young whore to instruct him in lovemaking. Mule, who worries aloud about his own position with military authority, seems pleased ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike C (es) wrote: I like slow movies, but this is a little extreme. As someone on imdb said, just Mark Webber filming some play time with his son. Though I often like movies like this - a young actor writing and directing his own film - maybe I feel a little duped on this one.I recognized Webber from the start, but I think the only movie of his I really like is Good Dick (Jason Ritter makes a brief appearance in this movie). But reading up on his bio, looks like he had a pretty rough childhood growing up on the streets, and he may be an okay guy as he is now an advocate for the homeless. But man, dragging this thing on for 90 minutes? Whew!He did get a decent cast of young actors, mostly playing themselves at a house party at Michael Cera's. They mostly add nothing to the movie. Shannyn Sossamon is about the only named character in the movie and she's decent. Pretty girl that, I believe, often gets the crazy role. She's not bad in a much more subdued, realistic character. It's not a horrible story idea: young, struggling actor has a child. The mother dies suddenly. He's struck trying to keep his career going while raising the child on his own. But it was just too damn slow and featured the 2-year-old far, far too much. The most effective part of the film was the whole goldfish deal, but I really hope there were some camera tricks going on there. I don't give a shit how artistic your film is supposed to be, you can't just go around killing little fishies for the sake of art.

Jane L (fr) wrote: Really enjoyed this movie. good cast interaction and interesting relationships.

Jenn T (de) wrote: Interesting idea, decently filmed. Just not my idea of a good plot.

Stephanie V (gb) wrote: gives you a new perspective on a story we all thought was really more of a joke- gets repetitive by the second half but definitely exposes some disturbing hypocrisies within our judicial system

Gregory K (de) wrote: You know... I actually liked this. I'm surprised. I'm not a fan of Vincent Gallo but he's terrific in the movie. Alden Ehrenreich is also quite good. The cinematography isn't bad. I wasn't blown away by the film visually. There were certainly shots here and there that impressed me but overall, it was only decent. This is one of the better Coppola films to come around for some time. Not bad.

Sharath G (us) wrote: Ridiculous movie. Cannot believe this has got 100% here. This only lowers the credibility of the Rotten Tomatoes website

Aditya V (de) wrote: his movi is m favooii movi of 201

Jesus H (jp) wrote: i actually liked this movie a lot. i thought this was gong to be a waste but not

Bryan K (us) wrote: Granted, the ending is disappointing, and it's hard to believe this situation coming to be in 2008, but this film is taught and intense. On no budget it manages to create a suspenseful political tale and it works on the screen. Kevin Pollak carries the film on his back as the President. There is a lot to chew on here philosophically, even if the scenario is a bit contrived. The ability of the film to tell its tale entirely on one set makes it far more immersive than if it had cut to other locales. Where the film does fall short technically is in its poor, isolated use of score in some instances, and choosing to switch from black and white to color after the opening credits. This film would have been much more impressive in black and white.

Dave C (it) wrote: gut-wrenchingly sick, curiously funny, interesting twist

Megan W (au) wrote: A somewhat slow beginning, however, the wonderful ending more than makes up for it. Once again a spectacular performance from one Judy Garland who is well paired with Van Johnson. Though the plot is a re-make of The Shop Around the Corner(starring James Stewart) it nonetheless loses its magic and charm which shines through the melodious score.

Private U (nl) wrote: Watched parts of this with my mother on TCM. Cute enough. Great dancing sequences. Irene Dunne's singing went on forever, unfortunately.

Private U (jp) wrote: A beautiful performance by Lon Chaney. Magical, tragic...

Erik F (nl) wrote: extra star for Katie Holmes by default :)