The Last Fall

The Last Fall

An NFL journeyman struggles to deal with life's complexities after his professional career is over.

An NFL journeyman struggles to deal with life's complexities after his professional career is over. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shawn R (fr) wrote: Pretty good B horror that ended with a nice set up for the sequel.

Edgar C (it) wrote: Utterly pointless. No constructive comment can be done from this point. 44/100

Carlo Magno M (br) wrote: Surprising decent indie rom-com movie with the biggest surprise is the Urkel kid from Family Matters was in the cast. He's all grown up now. At first felt messed up for the Polaroid scene then the truth unravels at the end for the reason. Both main characters not made for each other had their personal reasons for the deception & in a way used each other as a means to an end in this oddly romantic comedy. As for the night reception dance scene, anybody could've seen that coming but it still made a cute happy ending for the story & there would be no other better alternate ending to it.

Luis O (nl) wrote: For such a superficial film, I actually liked it, maybe because I live among them. That's Los Angeles for you.

D G (br) wrote: I saw this a while ago and there were some funny moments. You could do worse.

Lisa E (de) wrote: What a bunch of thoroughly unlikable characters! I enjoyed the film for the fact of it being Stephen Fry's directorial debut, but my goodness it was most difficult to feel any sympathy for this self-absorbed, self-obsessed toffs and wanna-bes..

Ithak N (es) wrote: Bloody terrible nonsense movie, ruined by big chin Danson, he just irritates the hell out of me!

Alex C (gb) wrote: When you mention the words 'Indian cinema' to most people, (and disturbingly, a large proportion of film fans) often the first reaction will be that of a smirk intrinsically linked with a conjuring thought of the 'Bollywood' industry.Most people do not realise that Indian cinema as an industry is the second largest grossing cinema industry in the world, second only to the American giant that is Hollywood. Ever since the early days of the multiplex, Indian cinema has been dominating the cinematic machine, early films often dealt with social and economic strikes (mostly the 50's and before) with the Indian cinema moving more towards the romantic feature which most people associate in the mid 60's. As the decades passed by, the Indian film industry moved, as a whole, through several topics and thought provoking genres (of course a LOT of crap was released as well; this is the typical all singing all dancing 5 hour epic which most people associate Indian cinema with) until in the 90's, film makers finally started focusing on terrorism as a genre, and in particular the strife and violence engaged between Hindus and Muslims within the Tamil speaking area of India.Bombay begins as your typical Indian romance; the protagonist male and female fall in love yet are separated by different religions and families. After a moving eden like opening song number, the two work hard to stay together through their families approval, eventually moving away form their small villages and into the city of Bombay. After an interval, the film takes a much darker tone, focusing primarily on the Bombay bombings and showing how the couple (now with children) are caught up within the racial attacks. Strikingly disturbing and realistic (one scene involves radicals pouring gasoline over the two crying children as they refuse to speak which religion they belong to) the film touches on dangerious soil as it shows the riots with no remorse or sugar coating. The lead actor delivers a compelling performance and in the end delivers an incredible speech in the middle of the riots, putting himself between the warring factons screaming 'I am neither Hindu or Muslim; I am Indian, we are all Indians!'A must watch for someone interested in good Indian cinema.

geekygrl (es) wrote: im glad she managed to make a difference in the end, but some of the content annoys me. this engaged lady has an affair w/ a married man, until he leaves to a new job far away. and i find it very ironic that she didnt wake to her attacker and ended up dead. usually they realize their attacker just in time! very depressing @ times (being the type of movie it is) but good too. :) why do some ppl not care about the waste they leave behind them???? no wonder planet earth is in so much trouble!! :'( so many ppl care only about money and nothing about the environment! :'( >:(

Vadim D (mx) wrote: A comedy classic. The film still holds up and is not just a comedy that's filled with great one-liners, but also subversively funny. Dustin Hoffman is pure genius here and gives one of his best, if not the best, performance. It's fun to watch Jessica Lange in a sweet, innocent role that she won't ever get to play again.

Robin S (kr) wrote: I can't help but love this. The characters are so likeable and it makes sense to me that your soul mate doesn't necessarily mean the person you marry!

Jason M (ag) wrote: A Tod Browning masterpiece. As one of the greatest horror directors of all time, Browning broke new ground with Freaks that has not necessarily been retread since. In fact, this film was banned in several jurisdictions for decades. The recent season of American Horror Story borrowed heavily from this film, including poaching characters directly. Such has been the influence of this film on the horror film genre.The shocking final scenes of the movie and the "Google Goggle" dinner chant are classic scenes, repeated several times subsequently in films, The Wolf Of Wall Street among them. This film is not for everyone, especially those squeemish to see real-life "freaks". Overall, a disturbing and unsettling classic.

Valeria Z (us) wrote: entretenida, no el final que esperas

M L (ag) wrote: Intense, compelling, I couldn't look away.

Robert B (br) wrote: Night Tide (Curtis Harrington, 1961)These days, Curtis Harrington is remembered as a director"when he is remembered at all"for such Z-grade horror productions as the made-for-TV Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell and Killer Bees. But Harrington was a great deal more than a made-for-TV hack, having started off his career as a film critic and actor (most notably in Kenneth Anger's Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome) who dabbled in avant-garde shorts before turning to horror. There's still a bit of that in Night Tide, Harrington's first feature, but not enough to make it more than a run-of-the-mill mermaid tale. Still, it's acres better than Killer Bees.Plot: Johnny Drake (Dennis Hopper) is a sailor on leave in Venice Beach, CA. While taking in the sights at a small jazz club, he finds himself drawn to Mora (Sometimes a Great Notion's Linda Lawson, better-remembered these days as a nightclub singer than an actress), who plays a mermaid at a local carnival. Or is she just playing? One way or the other, however, her boyfriends seem to have a habit of turning up dead, as Johnny is informed by the local fortune teller, Madame Romanovitch (Mary Poppins' Marjorie Eaton). Which wouldn't be a problem, since Johnny has another possible romantic interest"Ellen (Dementia 13's Luana Anders), the carousel owner's granddaughter"except that Mora seems to have this almost supernatural hold over him...It's a pretty good flick, often compared to Carnival of Souls in that they both rely pretty heavily on atmosphere for their thrills, which was pretty gutsy when the horror landscape was full of radioactive monsters. Night Tide is more effective atmospherically than Carnival of Souls, and it has more fully-realized characters, but it still feels wooden; there's a very good reason Lawson is better remembered as a nightclub singer these days.There are also those who will complain about the quotidian ending, and I've seen more than one person comment that some things are left unresolved. Don't be that guy. You pay enough attention to the last five minutes of the movie and it all makes sense. It's not nearly as quotidian as you think. Solid filmmaking, not necessarily something to go out of your way to hunt down, but if you see it show up late night on Turner Classic Movies, it's worth eating up an hour and a half of DVR space for. ***

Alex B (au) wrote: Rich, stylish visuals and great casting do their best to create an eerie atmosphere. Doesn't make up for the thrown-together plot.