The Last Gang

The Last Gang

From smalltime hoodlums in the tough Belleville neighborhood to headline-grabbing robbers of the swankiest banks in Paris, for Simon and his gang, the only way was up. Capable of emptying a...

From smalltime hoodlums in the tough Belleville neighborhood to headline-grabbing robbers of the swankiest banks in Paris, for Simon and his gang, the only way was up. Capable of emptying a... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew D (fr) wrote: I went into this movie with absolutely no idea what to expect, I'd never even heard of it before.The performances were excellent but unlike the opinion of a lot of other reviewers I never found myself emotionally invested in any of the characters; which was a problem as by the time it ended I felt like I'd just wasted two hours.All I think of it now is that it was okay, it's over now and I wouldn't watch it again.

Tim M (ag) wrote: Kollywood, Tamil language cinema, is best known for Benny Lava. This 5 part mini-series marathon doesn't have anything as catchy, but some of the dance numbers might remind you of that classic. The music and language is different from Bollywood films, but it bears the same masala hallmarks of romance, action, comedy, music videos, and drama.

Kendall I (us) wrote: To finish off the marathon, I take advantage of the bio disc. SUBJECT:This is basically a biography on the great filmmaker Stanley Kubrick consisting of his child-life stories, his inspiration stories, and his life in film and family. They discuss the topic very well for a biography, but without his presence to secure his ideas and such, it just feels a bit empty. PEOPLE:The people in here range from other filmmakers like Woody Allen and Steven Spielburg, to Kubrick's collaborators like Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson. They all have interesting things to say about Kubrick that just glorify his name more than most would expect. SCORE:The score in here ranges from the wonderful classical music played in his movies, to the themes he had made specifically for his movies, to themes used to set the emotion for his life and loss. OTHER CONTENT:This is a pretty decent biography. The introduction and closing are both very powerful, and the body of the film is very thought-provoking, but I believe it misses some of the important points of Kubrick's life. Of course, he wasn't present to express them, but I guess that's one of the movies shortcomings. OVERALL,an awesome biography with a well discussed subject, ranging people, beautifully mixed score, and a powerful introduction and closing, but without the presence of the man himself, it misses some important points.

otrablue (nl) wrote: great violence , good characters !! SEXY!! not just another yakuza film !! lesbo scenes!! exploding blood from coffy , a scene were a head gets kicked like a socker ball! stripper scenes!! !!

Edward K (au) wrote: it was pretty good the girl who played judith was hot and damn those dolls are crazy

James M (de) wrote: Very silly and immature but some of the jokes are quite funny, some are bad taste while the others are puerile. I enjoyed it as a kid, but wouldn't watch it again.

Simon D (ca) wrote: Not a bad film but it's a bit daft. Jack the ripper escapes the police in HG Wells's time machine to the present day (an easy option for the film makers). Wells goes chasing after him and we see him discover how the world has changed, not necessarily for the better. - see star trek 4 or 5, can't remember. A wasted opportunity to explore time travel; it's actually more like a comedy romance than a sci-fi.

Bill M (au) wrote: Could be remade in America today without any loss of relevance. "Sorry, but do you have proof of legal presence?"

Nate J (au) wrote: As funny as the show, from beginning to end this movie made my belly hurt. All the cast are back, the adventure/plot is as insane as usual, and this is one of the rare occasions a TV/Movie tie in actually works. I hope they do a sequel!

Don D (de) wrote: WWatching this now, either I'm extremely bored, or this movie deserves a better score, the plane scene was excellent!!