The Last Grenade

The Last Grenade

British mercenaries (Stanley Baker, Alex Cord) finish their Congo feud in Hong Kong, with a woman (Honor Blackman) caught in the middle.

Two soldiers of fortune, Harry Grigsby and Kip Thompson, used to be the best of friends when they fought side by side in the Congo. But now Kip has changed sides and Grigsby does not ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Doug H (ag) wrote: There are no redeeming characters and the pace of the movie crawls.

Cade H (nl) wrote: This random, quirky film was full of dry humor and it was hilarious. The premise is a lame guy, who is a jerk and can't get women, sucks at life and is overall miserable. Then one night he is bitten by a vampire and suddenly attracts women, is amazing in bed and he turns others into vampires as well. It is very strange but seeing him interact with others is amazing. Sometimes the dialogue can get a little old because he talks so much but then something will pull you right back in with a laugh. I can't say enough how strange and unique this movie is but i guarantee it will make you laugh more then you planned on. Its short and to the point with out a whole lot of filler, so check this out and get ready to enjoy vampire movies again.

Steve S (br) wrote: If you ever saw the dragon slater years ago then you will like this movie. A little slow at times but very good story content. It is probably too much story for today's audiences really goog movie. Not recommended for people who seem to have a 5 second or less attention span! CGI is really good on the dragon shots. Overall good movie

Jamie C (ru) wrote: A spinoff set during the same time as the third Bourne film, It's a simple plot but very over complicated and a few plot holes make it less enjoyable, Jeremy Renner plays a good part and I'd be more than happy to see him play this role again with the right script but the problem is the action, It was ok but for the running time there was not nearly enough and the film tends to drag, Ok the ending bike chase was pretty good but I'm afraid it can't quite live up to the Matt Damon Bourne movies.

Vulcan S (jp) wrote: another happy-go-lucky chick flick with much charm from Patrick Dempsey

Bridget C (de) wrote: While the synopsis may not sound like a riveting watch, this is a beautifully acted and crafted film. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Dabney J (ag) wrote: I think this was a redo of Summer( La rayon vert) with a happier ending. Still loneliness has never been so truly realized. I love this movie becasue Emmanulle Chaulet plays every woman who fell for the wrong guy with such honesty, it literally feels like you are looking in at a movie of your own romantic misfirings!

Danny M (gb) wrote: Good film. More of a Comedy than an action film!

gary t (gb) wrote: its an ok film i think. its not 1 of wesley snipes best films but it has some kool car chases and got some gun fights in so they were pretty kool i thought it was an alright movie its nothing that special to watch..

Sagin W (jp) wrote: A good collection of horror stories with a Tales from the Darkside feel.

Barry B (nl) wrote: One of the best movies I've seen lately. A good depiction of what the young Christ's life may have been like.