The Last Leprechaun

The Last Leprechaun

Ethel and Tommy Barrick are sent to Ireland to spend the summer with their new stepmother. Once there, they discover her to be an evil, power-seeking witch, with real magical powers and a hatred for all things green. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jocey D (kr) wrote: Smart story with an intriguing premise. Everyone wants the rich bad dude to hurt and lose, and the good guy to outsmart him and win. Good cast.

Stephen S (au) wrote: This is an awesome documentary by Dave Grohl, telling one of rock's coolest and more obscure stories. If you're a fan of rock n' roll, you owe it to yourself to check this film out.

Don S (au) wrote: As a Disney Channel Original movie, you get decent production values and a parcel of fresh faced teens with some talent (Disney seems to have a knack for picking future stars). The movie, based on a novel, is about Arthurian legend, specifically the prophecy of King Arthur's return when the world needs him most. It takes place in a present day high school, rife with all the angst that goes with teenage years, and the Knights of the Round Table are the football team. Not enough time is spent on the legend, and the writer plays unfairly with the prophesy in order to "surprise" you with the revelation of Arthur and Mordred.

Greg W (ag) wrote: strange hybrid part chase movie part crime thriller

Rhys R (gb) wrote: Although most people know it, this movie needed an origin story to further its story to what it should of been. The character of 'The Incredible Hulk' has been dragged into the mud far too often...

Jolie M (ca) wrote: My favorite romantic comedy!

Joel B (jp) wrote: Nothing groundbreaking, but the whole package is very well put together.

Bridget B (ru) wrote: This movie could have been fantastic. Unfortunately, I think they really wanted to make a movie about Hitler and didn't have the balls, so they disguised it in this story about Max Rothman. And it didn't work. Noah Taylor as Hitler was excellent. The cinematography was excellent. But the impact fell short because it felt like it wanted to be one thing and tried to be another. And, I hate to say it, John Cusack should not have been in this movie. I love him, but it was distracting in this film. Not that his performance was any less than I would expect. However, I was too aware that I was watching John Cusack and it detracted from the experience.

Jesse G (kr) wrote: I loved the water as dream motif, awsome twistyness

David B (fr) wrote: This film is pure fun. Though it has a very "loose" structure that just leads toward a series of ever more explosive car crashes, I enjoyed it as all people should enjoy exploitation - for the FUN of it.

Andr D (gb) wrote: Julian Schabel, el pintor convertido en director que nos impresion con la magnfica "Basquiat", ahora nos vuelve a sorprender con la biografa del escritor cubano Reinaldo Arenas. La fotografa evocadora y la puesta en escena contundente sirve de lienzo para la impresionante actuacin de Javier Bardem, quien logra proyectar la sexualidad, la sensibilidad y la humanidad del escritor con una visceralidad que solo lo logran los grandes actores. "Before Night Falls" es un triunfo potico.

Bengel W (gb) wrote: I liked the 1965 version a lot and this one is a remake that makes the cut well. Fine cinematography and a high standard of acting make this very thought provoking. Music is of the primitive style which makes for a complimentary style adding some excitement. Some twists and turns to keep your mind on its toes which was fun. Nibbles: Fig Rolls.

Andrew B (it) wrote: There are people living on the streets, who are homeless and have nothing. Why don't we take the money that Kevin James was supposed to make for his next couple movies and give it to the people who are in need of it, because this is garbage and is wasting money and peoples time.

Geoffrey R (kr) wrote: This is an old classic frm the '80s, this was Jim Carrey's 2nd movie, I remember this movie frm when I was a kid, Jim Carrey was crazy way back then, good movie funny plot, and the man dances in the movie hilarious!!!!