The Last of the Knucklemen

The Last of the Knucklemen

In the tradition of Sunday Too Far Away, this independent film is based on the classic Australian play by John Power. Pic tells the story of a group of miners living in a camp in outback Australia. They swear, brawl, gamble, and drink heavily. Central to the story is the conflict between Tarzan, the authoritarian group leader and cocky loud-mouth wisecracking Pansy. This results in a bare-knuckle punch-up for the movie's denouement.

In the tradition of Sunday Too Far Away (1975), this independent film is based on the classic Australian play by John Power. Pic tells the story of a group of miners living in a camp in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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T K (br) wrote: I was feeling vulnerable.

Alehee N (jp) wrote: Adam Sandler is so funny

Carlos D (fr) wrote: great military thriller with a strong message about war and its consequences.

Eric O (jp) wrote: I don't know...despite it being a very touching story (and I'm usually keen on depressing and emotional stories); if I'm being nit-picky it just misses and I can't quite put my finger on exactly how.

Melissa J (jp) wrote: Honestly one of the worst films I have ever seen. The plot had potential but that was the only thing in this movie that did. The filming itself was terrible and reminded me of a late night "adult" film on Cinemax. Overall it makes one long for the wonderful "badness" of the Hammer films. Do yourself a favor and do NOT watch this one.

Suan F (us) wrote: Somewhat of a cautionary tale about being obsessive-compulsive about anything, and about how their sickness impacts the rest of their lives including how they interact with society. I'd be curious to know how 9/11 changed their lives - if it made them re-evaluate priorities and connect with humans more.

Jeremy N (gb) wrote: Au pair, au naturale.

Nick E (gb) wrote: An entertaining cat-and-mouse film thanks to a great cast, tight direction from Spielberg, and a polished script.

Kim W (br) wrote: not very good, actually pretty boring

Tyler S (kr) wrote: ehh this movie was ok. Kinda cheesy and really the story is pretty silly. I laughed when I wasn't supposed to and besides Byrne, the acting is atrocious. I didn't know a stigmata meant possession either . A very average film with some, not a lot but some creepy scary parts.

Peter B (de) wrote: This film does not treat its odd characters and subject matter as a joke (though the film has plenty of humor) but with respect.

Kevin M (nl) wrote: What better time of year could one choose to set a sentimental coming-of-age movie other than summer? Summertime has always been that youthful energetic part of the year every kid looks forward to, but The Way Way Back paints a darker picture than your usual colorful coastal palate. A 14 year old Duncan is stuck between a rock and a hard place: his mom is dating a sinister and selfish man (played by the great Steve Carell) who takes his new family to his beach house where Duncan meets a new group of characters... and his own dad doesn't wnt him. What makes this film work so well is the cast. Steve Carell in one of his more unique roles as the bad guy does an amazing job, and Sam Rockwell gives the same effort as the friendly everyday jackass. I really liked learning it was directed by two members of the cast: it adds a touch of sentiment and originality to an already indie feel. I only wish the relationship between Duncan and his new neighbor had been explored a little bit more. Otherwise, this is a highly watchable and memorable film thanks to the location, soundtrack, and mainly the awesome cast. There may be better coming-of-age stories, but The Way Way Back is undoubtedly one of the better ones.