The Last Outlaw

The Last Outlaw

The story follows a band of former Confederate soldiers who were part of a cavalry unit. Their commander, Graff (Rourke) had once been a heroic and staunch supporter of the southern cause, but after losing his family he became cold hearted and ruthless. His second in command is Eustis (Mulroney), whom Graff has trained on the strategies of leadership and combat command.

After a bloodbath of a robbery taken right out of "The Wild Bunch" and then being betrayed by his gang, Graff joins the side of the law to hunt his enemies and kill them one by one. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dustin O (jp) wrote: animals and other animals, lotly like me, entirely

Fabian L (kr) wrote: At the beginning I thought this was a dumb action movie with questionable physics and incredibly retarded bad guys. As the movie went on, it turned out to be a love story as no other. The lost of a loved one by the hands of a heartless monster and the determination of Sanjay, the forgetful hero, to bring justice to the most beautiful, kind and selfless girl the world has seen.

Borhan K (fr) wrote: I sat down to watch an old movie that I heard about many moons ago when it was first out it was all the buzz.Hold on tight as this movie does not pull any punches. It starts off slow and for a movie that runs over two hours you would want it to progress quickly.This movie's subject matter is not for the kiddies at all. It is not light it does not have any comedy whatsoever. It is dry and straight forward like a novel being read.For a movie that was made in 2001, it is very relevant for today even this last week.As this movie touches on domestic violence in relationships and guns. If you want a movie that will make you think then this is the one for you.There is no doubt why this won so many awards at the time.Love it or hate the movie it will make you take notice of the issues.Normally after a movie, I do not get a headache but I got one after watching this movie it is not because I did not like it I did enjoy it even if it was dry.The performances that were in this movie was all A+++The entire cast played their roles perfectly.Watch the movie with your partner and you may have something to talk about and think about. The movie is not suitable for the kids.

Taylor C (br) wrote: A mesmerizing technical achievement

Dale T (de) wrote: This has to be the last really good Casper Van Dien movie I've seen.

Harry W (nl) wrote: I think you can summarize Massacre in Dinosaur Valley by saying that it's a laughable masterpiece.By that I mean Massacre in Dinosaur Valley is full of hilariously poor acting and dubbing, as well as equally as hilariously terrible editing and a soundtrack more out of place than anything else here. There's also scenes that fail to be executed properly but still but in the film because of the obviously low budget, as well as moment where you can see film sets and characters that aren't supposed to be visible.Massacre in Dinosaur Valley is appealing because of the heavily exploitive style and emphasis on the sex appeal so massive that the viewer is unsure if Massacre in Dinosaur Valley is either a softcore porn with high production values or an exploitive film with a very large amount of sex. Either way, it's a distinct film of it's genre that tries to be nothing more than the trashy fun that it is. It's full of blood, gore and nudity which is really all you could ask for from this kind of low-budget flick.

Alice A (ca) wrote: Il pi bel film che ho visto sinora alla rassegna di Cannes: tocca moltissime corde e non sbaglia un colpo.

Salim I (us) wrote: a forgotten childhood favorite

Kay L (fr) wrote: Made me feel less creeped out.

Campbell P (nl) wrote: Once is a film that stands out more than most films in the music genre and there's good reason. There isn't really many other movies that can capture the beauty of creating music and friendship. This movie follows the career of a man who writes his own songs and plays them in the streets of Dublin for money. One day, he meets a woman that takes liking to his tunes and they soon play music together after realizing their special connection. The relationship between the two leads played by famed songwriter Glen Hansard and Mark (C)ta Irglov really shows a sweet connection and makes this a really sweet film. The music they create together not only shows the power of their connection, but also shows the beauty that they can create together. The songs written were absolutely beautiful. The most important part of a musical is its music of course and the music was mindblowingly great. The characters that were in smaller roles were also well acted. The band overtime becomes really good friends and share a sweet bond together that shows the perks to friendship and that's what this movie perfectly exemplifies. The two leads also had amazing chemistry and an inspiring story of love even though love wasn't physically said. I rooted for them to last as a couple but this story was more reality than expectation and I loved that. Not everything has to be scripted and appeal to a certain audience that expects a they came together through fate story. A film can be what it wants to be and if it's not what you wanted or thought it would be, sometimes that's what makes a movie like Once special. This film also manages to be informative in more than one way. Through the recording scenes, we get to see what a recording process looks like and all the effort that is put into making such music. It glorifies that making an album is not an easy process, that it takes hours on end to create what the band themselves think sounds appealing. This movie, for someone learning how to write lyrics and make beats, can really comfort them by showing that these things take time and effort and not a ton of people understand this concept by doubting themselves. The end of this movie is the ultimate lesson that doesn't beat you on the head but cuts deep. Showing that sometimes you need to move on and accept that you need to do what's right. The guy accepts that the girl is taken and respects that throughout the film and they still manage to create a really special relationship. He thinks that it's right to seek the woman he truly believes is his and rightfully live that way. Once portrays great lessons of love, how to deal with heartache, how to be patient with your music, and shows how beautiful friendships are and how important they are to influence your decisions. If not for the girl, the guy would not have gone to London and started his dream to create a record. It's the friendships like the two leads have that only seems to come around once. A

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