The Last Stand

The Last Stand

Ray Owens is sheriff of the quiet US border town of Sommerton Junction after leaving the LAPD following a bungled operation. Following his escape from the FBI, a notorious drug baron, his gang, and a hostage are heading toward Sommerton Junction where the police are preparing to make a last stand to intercept them before they cross the border. Owens is reluctant to become involved but ultimately joins in with the law enforcement efforts

A retired police captain named Owens lives a life of struggling with criminals in a bored border town. After escaping from FBI, a drug baron comes back with a powerful force of members in his gang. Owens unwillingly joins the force preventing the drug baron. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Last Stand torrent reviews

Paul O (ru) wrote: Standard rom-com fare set in New Zealand. Some funny moments. And some relatability to the story.

Grant S (gb) wrote: Weak. The synopsis compared this to Memento. Christopher Nolan, and anyone involved with Memento, should be insulted. Memento was brilliant - probably the cleverest and most original movie ever made. Novo is pointless, superficial and pretentious (well, it is French). The only similarity between the two is the topic of short-term memory loss.Avoid.

Private U (jp) wrote: Really cool movie, Emma Suarez is GORGEOUS in this one! :b...

Shayan F (gb) wrote: i want to see the trailer

Matthew H (jp) wrote: Field of Dreams, according to "The Bro Code", is the only movie a bro can cry at. Well, I can see why that is so. This movie is so dramatic and lighthearted, one of those late 80's movies that will never be made again, a rare masterpiece in filmmaking. Yeah, this movie can be sappy and melodramatic, but it's still recommended by me.

Rodney E (br) wrote: Could have been ok but just doesn't come off as menacing and scary. Leaving neon goo behind is fun but that battle of the bands was very bad. Has the proper cheese to be a shittastic classic but doesn't stand out with other decent to great 80's horror movies.

Raymond E (ca) wrote: This movie is a SNOOZE fest. The ONLY thing worse is Start Trek V. I grew up with the Star Trek TV show. When I watched this pile of GARBAGE in the cinema, I really did NOT understand what had happened. But whenever I have trouble sleeping... I just start this movie and drift off into 2 hours of uninterrupted REM sleep.

Christy W (kr) wrote: Hahahaha, what a fucking ending! I Love Bunuel!

Paul D (mx) wrote: Dafuq did I just watch? Trust me on this...skip it.