The Last Torch Song

The Last Torch Song


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:1957
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:The Last Torch Song 1957 full movies, The Last Torch Song torrents movie

A musical drama featuring a tragic love story. Relates a singer's rise to fame and her subsequent downfall because of the death of her lover. She manages to return to the stage only to die ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tony P (ca) wrote: I was looking forward to watching the UK network premiere of this film on TV. After all it has garnered such praise including excellent reviews and a plethora of awards and award nominations.What I saw left me rather underrawed.Yet another overrated film from the modern era if I am being honest (in my opinion).Who is Wes Anderson I was left asking myself. Only the end credits revealed he was director.All I kept reading was Wes Anderson this. Wes Anderson that.The film basically focuses on a concierge at a fictional East European hotel, Monsieur Gustave (Ralph Fiennes) and his adventures through four timelines (utterly confusing).The film is only saved by the addition of a large cast of superstars at different stages (Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, Willem Dafoe, Tom Wilkinson. The list goes on.)If I have one praise it is the excellent and colourful set decoration and cinematography that allows Ralph Fiennes to show some 'comedy.'I was left so deflated.

Jamie J (nl) wrote: Picture the scene. If you will. You make a comedy film, for all accounts a pretty funny one. Hollywood then spends an endless and inordinate amount of time telling you that you're the next big thing, no the biggest fucking thing to land in years. I can only imagine that's how as inexplicable as it is that The Hangover got a first sequel, let alone went the full Hobbit and made an unnecessary trilogy out of affairs that fit newly into one 90 minute film. While not as downright bland as Part 2, The Hangover part 3 at least tries to be different, throwing away the desperate attempts at comedy for a more bleak, black comedy flavour. Although I raised a giggle a few times (perhaps 3?) during the Wolf packs supposed final outing. Till they go the whole American Pie and do a pointless 4th effort ten years later, I couldn't help but just sit there and wonder the meaning of humanity and why we are here. An easier question to define an answer to than just why this film exists. I will stress again though it really isn't as bad as part 2. Just isn't any better either.

Rob A (us) wrote: Only marginally better than the first movie.

Ronny O (ag) wrote: This is quite possible my favorite comedy/movie of all time. It's something I watch every year during deer season. It's got loads of great life lessons, several laugh until just can't moments and has one of the best quotes to ever be uttered in a movie(has to do with a mans Chevy). It's on Netflix, check it out!

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Russell J (gb) wrote: I loved this flick and the required stretch of the imagination, wasn't that far fetched for me. Consider this film in light of current and improving CGI technology. If/when the technology is good enough, flesh and blood actors could become obsolete. Think of it: being able to bring back to life some of the really, really great actors. Wow! And the current and not so recent past crop of so called "good actors", Are, well honestly and with very few exceptions, simply pitiful. I personally can't wait. -- Russell Johnson.

Danny M (es) wrote: Love this film seen it loads. Never disappoints

Gianluca B (gb) wrote: Interessante. Fluisce malinconicamente come un fiume in piena, ma difficilmente appassiona.

Akshay R (mx) wrote: A totally escapist, looney Bollywood movie ever made.

Tim S (gb) wrote: Red River was directed by the great Howard Hawks, who was one of the few directors to be successful in nearly every major genre he worked in. He only did a handful of westerns, but those that he did are considered classics today. This film has a very fine cast, as well, headed up by John Wayne, but also starring newcomer Montgomery Clift and veteran Walter Brennan. John Wayne didn't often play villains in the many films that we was in, but while his character isn't an out-and-out villain, per se, he does lose a bit of his moral compass along the way. My only real problem with the film is that the ending of the film left a bit to be desired, which landed a lot softer and a little more candy-coated than I was expecting. The film that came before it was a bit more stark and a lot more serious, and to just see our leads duke it out and have a long laugh at the end felt out of place to me. It reminded me of the ending of McLintock! in a way. But at the same time, I can't truthfully imagine the film with a darker ending, even if I don't totally agree with it.

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