The Last Word

The Last Word

An odd-but-gifted poet, Evan Merck (Wes Bentley, 'American Beauty') makes his living writing suicide notes for the soon-to-be departed. So when he meets Charlotte (Winona Ryder, 'Girl, Interrupted'), the free-spirited sister of his latest client, Evan has no choice but to lie about his relationship to her late, lamented brother.

A man (Bentley) who makes his living composing other people's suicide notes enters into a romance with the sister (Ryder) of a recent client. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dylan D (fr) wrote: THE MOST AWESOME THING SINCE SLICED-BREAD. that was meant sincerely.

Rosalind W (ca) wrote: This is a love story and get lots of beautiful places. The first half of the story is ok, but a little bit long when Ge You and Shu Qi stay at Japan. In addition, I think the ending is just so-so... Ge You is still Ge You but Shu Qi is good at this movie. You can feel she is really sad, both from her facial expression and from her tone... Maybe I am a HK people, this movie cannot make me feel touching... anticipated for Jacky Cheung's new romantic movie, hope can feel touching!

Flip V (jp) wrote: this movie is fucking gnarly

Teri C (de) wrote: not as good as the first one but still fun to watch for all ages

D M (ca) wrote: As the saying goes, idle hands are the devil's plaything. So the high school stoner gets one of his hands demonically possessed. He works to stop his hand from murdering, but is not very effective. Some Evil Dead 2 tributes and some decent music. Pretty humorous, (despite the stupid Debi character), plus Jessica Alba at her best!

George D (it) wrote: Maybe this was once the gold standard for Apollo mission footage, but "In the Shadow of the Moon" used much of this footage to greater effect. Not only did the later movie have a good bit of this footage, they added more context by bringing many of the same astronauts back to discuss their experiences. Check it out instead.

Katherine B (it) wrote: I just watched this based on Saxia's review. I liked it, but I think she is dead on. It's so abstract and murky that it's a little hard to get into. It is surreal, like Carnival Of Souls and I think this is the point. The movie is part formalism, as opposed to idealism. It's about, as its title implies, images. And the idealism is really about the difficulty sometimes, as in the main character's case, of separating reality from fantasy, and not being able to determine where one ends and the other begins. I think the movie is supposed to be disorienting and that a invoking a schizophrenic experience for the view is the whole idea of the film.

Sue B (de) wrote: This movie is painfully long. Both characters especially Celine seem like they are trying to impress us with their carefree, worldly attitudes. We are hanging in suspense waiting to see if Ethan Hawke will ditch his flight (and family) to hook up with this Parisian coquettish babe complete with the messy, chic apartment, exotic music and trail of former lovers. Stupid and unrealistic.

Timothy H (mx) wrote: Hammer Films, produced some of the best old school horror movies.

Listy (ag) wrote: Great idea and acting, OK execution.

Bill T (gb) wrote: A three part movie, 1st part features Riddick trying to survive on a strange planet. He befriends a mutant dog. Part 2, Riddick meets some bounty hunters trying to get him. Part 3: Aliens attack! Oddly enough, the first part was the best. That dog thing stole the show. This movie is probably the most accessible of all the Riddick movies.

Richard B (ag) wrote: I liked this indie film and really was impressed with Julianne Moore (she also is amazing). I've really liking Todd Haynes as a director and will continue to watch his films and this one was one of his best.