The Laughing Woman

The Laughing Woman

Beautiful PR woman Maria finds herself trapped in the home of the sinister and troubled Dr Sayer, where she is subjected to a series of increasingly bizarre, terrifying and degradating sex games. Sayer admits that he has murdered several women after the same ordeal, always killing them at the point of orgasm. But all is not what it seems, and this is revealed to be the fantasy of a troubled man. Sayer finds salvation in Maria and falls for her, only for her to turn the tables on him and ultimately reveal that she too is not what she seems.

A rich and sadistic man, who enjoys degrading women as part of elaborate S&M games, abducts a female journalist. She is subjected to his unpleasant games but soon begins subverting him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Laughing Woman torrent reviews

Jalen M (br) wrote: A pretty funny raunchy comedy that feels more like a joke movie than an actual movie though. B-

MyFriendAli (ag) wrote: Ok Time Pass, couple of funny scenes! Similar idea from "The Producers (1968)".- About two guys who try to Scam Investors by Making a Cheap & Guaranteed Flop Movie, but things don't exactly go as planned! - Moral: Before you try some Joke, just remember, The Joke could be on You (Karma)!

Michael M (mx) wrote: : i was waiting for the potatoes to make their appearance in the film the whole time. ;o) godly movies are really making an invasion!

Dan G (us) wrote: I went into this as a desensitized gorehound desperately seeking a horror flick that would have its moments to shock or at least mildly impress me. Word of mouth and various reviews I'd seen for this seemed to promise as much. So I was sorely disappointed. The gore was disappointing, the pacing slow for this kind of movie and the 'creepy' characters nowhere near creepy enough. THe guy in the diaper spouting philosophy was sort of cool but other than that... nothing but generic echoes. There is nothing really worthwhile about this movie whatsoever, not even for a gorehound cruising for mindless violence. You're better off rewatching something you know is good or taking your search for something new elsewhere.

Yuvnesh M (us) wrote: A beautiful story of a true sporting legend, the movie shows us what the sports should be about, not money but for the love of the game.However, in this modern era we have forgotten all about. "There is more to life than winning championship".

Liam R (ru) wrote: It's been far too long to give this movie a decent rating.

Anders E (de) wrote: starts boringly depressed and slowly turns so it ends in a warm dreamy magic. A weird but wonderful yarn. (As a sidenote, having heard the title tune "Calling you", I always imagined the caf enclosed in a dark forest in a bend of the road coming down from a hill, barely visible in the rain. When I saw the movie it was kind of totally opposite, instead of my blue/green image in a steady drizzle, it was a scorching yellow in the flatland desert of California/Arizona.)

Phylisha M (mx) wrote: favorite movie of all time

Matt T (fr) wrote: Robert Altman's Three Women takes a surreal, improvisational and rather eerie look at the lives of three women in a western desert town. The plot centers around the youngest of the women, Pinky (Sissy Spacek), an eccentric, withdrawn woman trying to begin a new life.

Allan C (fr) wrote: Fine John Farrow directed film noir, with Robert Mitchum delivering his usual cool performance. I'd consider this one something of a minor noir classic.

Jeffrey O (gb) wrote: Some pretty funny bits. Entertaining, but not spectacular.