The Lawless Nineties

The Lawless Nineties

Federal Agents Tipton and Bridger have been sent to Wyoming where the vote on statehood is imminent. Plummer and his gang are out to make sure the vote fails. When Plummer's men kill Bridger, Tipton fights on. He sends fake telegrams that trap some of Plummer's men. Then he organizes the ranchers and on election day they descend on the town barricaded by Plummer's gang.

Federal agent John Tipton heads for Wyoming to supervise the vote on whether to join the Union. One group of locals is using dynamite to terrorize the populace and a local newspaper editor is killed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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bill s (ca) wrote: Wonderfully thought provoking"tell me again how a mad man seduced an entire nation' doc.....powerfull

Brian H (it) wrote: Enjoyed it !! Decent movie IMO

Joel C (nl) wrote: Una pelcula poco convencional. Entretenida, intrigante y magnficamente interpretada.

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Chris M (fr) wrote: The Matrix meets Tales from the Darkside.