The Lawnmower Man

The Lawnmower Man

A simple man is turned into a genius through the application of computer science.

A simple man is turned into a genius through the application of computer science. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mahesh P (fr) wrote: Perfection. Adapted perfectly from Chetan Bhagat's book with perfect casting, perfect visuals, perfect screenplay and perfect music. Just perfect.

Olen S (ca) wrote: Until the cable is hooked back up...

Martyn G (kr) wrote: Enjoyable tale on the high seas, but not Aardman at its best.

Nilufer R (jp) wrote: It was a cool movie actually, much better than I expected. It's not an Italian Job but worth the shot. Surely Ryan Reynolds is a fairly good reason to watch it.

Cheryll D (au) wrote: nice, but what's the pirpose of the cd on the movie?

Wayne K (de) wrote: Hudson Hawk is one of the most confusing, bizarre and downright awkward films I've seen in a long time. The inflated ego of Bruce Willis took him from mega success with Die Hard to near-total destruction with Hudson Hawk. The tone is confused, the story is ridiculous, the villains consume every ounce of scenery around them, and the biggest sin for a comedy, it simply isn't funny. It's not that the jokes aren't humorous, it's that there doesn't even appear to be any in the script at all. The only laughs it draws out are at the expense of the films utter disregard for sense or logic. It's painfully boring most of the time, owing to it never bothering to invest our interest in either the plot or the characters. The only way I can imagine it being enjoyed is out of a purely perverse sense of curiosity. It's gained a cult following in recent years and its hardly surprising. Everybody deserves to see this at least once, if only to witness how spectacularly a project can fail, despite all the effort that was invested in it.

Marc D (us) wrote: Bobcat, check.Talking horse, check.Intrusive Elfman score, check.Stop-motion animated sequences, check.Horses making phone calls, check.This movie basically has it all.

Holland K (gb) wrote: I don't know if anyone has seen this movie, but I'm in the middle of watching it. This is truely a work of art and love to all mediums involved. It's about the history of American music told though the eyes of four generations. While the story is slow and takes its time to build up to the magic. Ralph Bakshi used rotoscoping animation technique to tell the story. It starts in the 10's and ends in the early 80s. I think the film really picks up during the 50's, right when Dave Brubecks 'Take Five' kicks in. I totally recommend at least seeing this movie once. I used to own it on video back in the day and liked it then.

Brian S (it) wrote: A real Gothic horror classic loosely based on Poe's "Dance Macabre." This one's filled with spooky atmosphere and a few genuinely chilling scenes, not to mention the drop-dead gorgeous Barbara Steele at her absolute prime in a series of revealing 19th century outfits. The acting is suitably melodramatic in what should rightfully be required Halloween viewing, though not necessarily for the whole family. This one's pretty racy for 1964, and it manages to out-Hammer Hammer/Amicus when it comes to ghostly/vampiric eroticism. If you like the old Hammer flicks, you're going to LOVE this sometimes-silly but consistently entertaining romp through tombs, a cobwebby castle, and the phantasmagorical instant replay of murder and blood-sucking glee! It's a wonderful thing that someone unearthed this creepy classic from whatever vault in which it reposed.

Stuart K (ru) wrote: The 7th Carry On film, and the first one to be written by Talbot Rothwell, who would stay with the series until Carry On Dick (1974), a whopping 20 films!! His brand of humour was perfect for the Carry On films, and he got off to a good start with this entry, which has some good gags, both verbal and visual. Charlie Hawkins (Sid James) is a cab driver for Speedee Taxis, but his demanding schedule as a cab driver means he hardly has anytime for his Peggy (Hattie Jacques), who feels neglected. As a result of the overload of work, including training up new driver, the bumbling Terry "Pintpot" Tankard (Charles Hawtrey). But, after Charlie misses his 15th wedding anniversary by running expectant father Jeremy (Jim Dale, his first Carry On) backwards and forwards, that's the final straw for Peggy, and she gets her own back on Charlie by starting her own rival cab firm GlamCabs, which has cabs all driven by women in brand new Ford Cortinas, only Charlie doesn't know that it's Peggy who's the boss of this new firm, and his team go about trying to sabotage their reputation. It's a very good Carry On film, much milder than what was to come, (it didn't even start out as a Carry On film at first, it only became one mid-shoot.) But, there's alot of fun to be had with this one, with alot of misunderstandings and naughty wordplay, but with Rothwell as writer, the best was to come...

Jon Mikel B (ag) wrote: Without any story, this film can be entertaining with some good, but not outstanding, visual effects.

Suanne S (jp) wrote: A boring movie with no story to tell , just portrayed FDR as a dirty old man! FDR was elected four times and was a great leader NO ONE knows what really goes on behind closed doors!

Jordan G (nl) wrote: A childhood classic for me. But as an adult, I don't love it as much. It is still good though.

Paul M (de) wrote: Exactly what you expect from a 70s women in prison exploitation film and has some unintentionally hilarious bits.