The Legend of Awesomest Maximus

The Legend of Awesomest Maximus

From the director of Revenge of the Nerds comes this outrageous sword and sandals spoof! Horny King Looney of Troy sends slacker general Awesomest Maximus to maintain peace with rival King ...

From the director of Revenge of the Nerds comes this outrageous sword and sandals spoof! Horny King Looney of Troy sends slacker general Awesomest Maximus to maintain peace with rival King ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bogdan S (us) wrote: What a story! 27,000 miles in 519 days. Alone. At 14.

Eliabeth R (us) wrote: Lo mas estremecedor de esta pelcula fue saber al final que era basada en hechos reales, una escuela de nios sordomudos donde los maestros y directores eran lo peor, violadores, abusadores, maltratadores, exculpando a los culpables solo por los fulanos acuerdos entre familias de los orientales, de tal indignacin uno de los chicos abusados y que vio morir a su hermano menor por lo mismo decidi matarse junto al aberrado...ruda como todas las pelculas asiticas..recomendable

Richie R (us) wrote: I am not the critic that will give you spoiler alerts in my review, but I will always be real in what I say. With that said,WID is all about the characters and setting. Stephen Lang's performance was as explosive as John Gray's writing. I feel that this is an instant classic within the Drama genre. This movie definitely comes from an artistic view of the result of how a neighborhood can influence life's choices. Sit back with a beer in hand and salute White Irish Drinkers.

The A (nl) wrote: Paul makes the mistake of trying to take on too much water than it was built to. It's pleasant enough in its own right, featuring likable characters and enjoyable performances from a nicely assembled cast. It's laughs never quite rise above being mild however, and it may leave a bad taste in your mouth from a thematic standpoint.

Hannah S (us) wrote: A strange but sweet Swedish suicide fable... It unfortunately doesn't work as whole - Lolita Davidovich's madcap turn is far too annoying - which is a shame. Had it focused more on the suicidal duo of Skarsgard's transvestite and Benz, and their mobster captor it would've been better entertainment as this trio provide most of the heartfelt moments and comedy.

Paul A (mx) wrote: A classic, not in the "great film" sense, but in the "nostalgia comedy" sense.

angel p (au) wrote: this was a great movie

Sylvester K (it) wrote: It's surprising to see a blockbuster film focusing on such controversial topics. Quills is about the years in which Marquis de Sade was incarcerated in asylum and a young woman who secretly helps him to publish his works. I love the artistic direction of the film, the set design and costumes were brilliant. Despite having convey the beauty of libertinism, it was historically inaccurate, also at times the film can be difficult to enjoy. Kate Winslet surprised me with her performance, as well as many other big stars, who I'd never thought in a million year to star in this film. The only problem i have with this film is that everyone speaks in a pretentious English accent when the film was clearly set in France. Quills is a film that best to be avoided by most people, unless you are into something provocative.

Ravie P (us) wrote: This was pretty cute, but I was kind of disgusted at how those elephants were so easily brainwashed. I mean, they basically conformed to a human-like society!! Eww!! And baby Babar and Little Bear had the same voice, that was real creepy shit right there.

Serge S (es) wrote: Leave it to the French to come up with a story like this. Up there with Le Diner de Cons (The Dinner Party Game). Too funny to miss.

Benny G (kr) wrote: I liked this movie. Epic wall of death/battle scene every thing else was pretty good and was surprised to find Danny directed.

Jo J (es) wrote: :D cheesy as anything...but i love the red shoe diaires..movies and tv

Steve W (gb) wrote: Even though it shares the same plot line of 3:10 to Yuma, this tense western relies on its stars to get through its basic plot. Matt Morgan (Douglas) is a town marshal, and his son is traumatized when his native wife is raped and killed by two riders. The perpetrator happens to be the son of Craig Belden (Quinn), who rules the town with an iron fist. It makes it even worse that these two used to be friends. Morgan kidnaps the perp and now Belden and his small platoon of hired hands are itching to stop him from reaching a 9pm train out of town, and this movie about fathers/sons, justice/revenge hits all the right notes.

Drew S (it) wrote: D.W. Fucking Griffith. This idiot. An ass-backwards racist and, here, an attempted champion of women's rights who ends up being even more sexist than possibly imaginable. This and Birth of a Nation are the maddening products of an innovator who just doesn't know what the hell he's writing about. This, obviously, is not quite the technical spectacle that Birth of a Nation was, but it's a very ambitious (if completely failed) precursor to the cinematic melodrama. It's probably only notable now for the scene where Lillian Gish floats down a river. So yeah, if you want to throw two and a half hours of your life to the wind for that kind of excitement, be my guest. Just know what you're getting into - a tale of woman's suffering where she is completely and totally inactive, a maddeningly passive prisoner to her own cruel fate.

Phillip Patricia G (br) wrote: This is elderly abuse. It did have a couple of funny scenes.

David C (ag) wrote: Stephen Dorff gives a great performance, as always!