The Legend of Blood Castle

The Legend of Blood Castle

Countess Elizabeth Bathory conspires with her husband to acquire the blood of virgins to maintain her youth and beauty.

The ageing Countess discovers that the blood of a maid can temporarily restore her youth and great beauty. She falls in love with a dashing young soldier but is compelled to kill again and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jabbar A (de) wrote: whoever is looking frwd to wtch it .. plsss dnt

Silvia L (us) wrote: Good story, good acting (Nanni Moretti) but many times hard on the edge of being boring

Scott H (it) wrote: Hysterical, Tragic, Affectionate and Witty- everything we would expect from a Woody Allen twist on a rom com, which features a stirring performance from Penelope Cruz.

Grant H (de) wrote: Great movie. While the plot is not as strong, inventive, or clever as the first two, it's still incredibly stylish, action-packed, visually great, and has great performances from its cast, especially Reynolds.

Rob L (mx) wrote: Interesting choice for Nicolas Cage's directorial debut. The film isn't bad, however the story is so dark and uncomfortable to watch that it's not pleasant to watch at all. It's very hard to get any enjoyment out of it. I think Cage was trying to deliver a strong emotional state that doesn't work. Even with as good a job James Franco does, you don't feel sad for him or feel for any character in the film.

Danielle D (gb) wrote: a feel-good holiday movie with funny woman whoopi goldberg. her facial expressions are simply priceless!

Luciano J (nl) wrote: Impressionante a atuao dos atoresa mirins principalmente a protagonista!

April W (kr) wrote: I loved this movie. It's not the best screenplay ever, but its got some great stuff and is very unique.

Mildo (nl) wrote: First movie I saw Diane Lane in......stunna!

Dusty L (jp) wrote: 80% on my Tomatometer.

Kevin C (ca) wrote: very good history lesson

Antonius B (ag) wrote: This movie by French New Wave filmmaker Claude Chabrol has a pretty simple plot, but was enjoyable nonetheless. In a nutshell, Charles, an innocent and earnest young law student, moves to Paris from the provinces to live with Paul, his sophisticated, profligate cousin. He's immediately exposed to the party life, which is both wild (there is a lot of flirting and bottle smashing) and somewhat amusing (the young men are all in suits and ties, play Bridge in bars, and listen to Mozart and Wagner at parties). He falls for Florence, a woman who's been around, and while she wants to have a meaningful relationship, she's convinced by Paul and another friend that she'll find him boring. She ends up with Paul instead, and moves in with the two of them. Charles actually takes it quite well, sharing meals with them and doing his best to ignore them, for example, as they shower together. He gets a free book and great advice from a bookseller (study hard, and "Read Dostoyevsky - he addresses all your concerns!"), who was naturally my favorite character :). Exams loom, and while Charles tries to apply himself, Paul parties on. I won't spoil it any more than I already have. This was one of those old movies that was anything but boring. The New Wave movement had as its aim to make movies that were different in content and style, and this succeeds; it's quite edgy for its time, and Chabrol has some great shot sequences here. Seeing it really transported me to the Latin Quarter in 1959 Paris.

Sunny W (ca) wrote: Intense, suspenseful, and extremely satisfying.

Rara S (ag) wrote: What happened to David O. Russell? I am slightly furious.