The Legend of Harrow Woods

The Legend of Harrow Woods

A group of young people on a camping trip in the woods fall foul of a deranged family of in-breds.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:78 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:five word title,  

Horror movie, following the adventures of a group of students who enter the haunted forest Harrow Woods. With the aim of investigating the disappearance of horror novelist George Carney, a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gopinath S (jp) wrote: Dhanush has done his part brilliantly..Probably his best act so far....The storyline isn't lagging even for a moment...The end is a bit unexpected...One of those rare "good" Tamil movies recently...All in all a "good watch"....

Tyler R (us) wrote: Two things before this review gets started: First, Sony REALLY wanted the audience to know this came from them. I understand product placement is standard, but this is painfully pathetic. Second, the writer decided right up front that every cliche from every sports film ever made was going to be packed into this film. And boy, does the writer nail that task. Battle of the Year follows a washed up break dancer who puts together a team to win Battle of the Year for America. Now, no, I'm not the writer of this film, despite my description being a cliche in itself. Even the acting is painful to watch because the dialogue is, you guessed it, cliched and horrible. Josh Holloway is infinitely wasted, and even he looks bored. Everyone else is, well, in the film. By the time the dance scenes showed up, I cared so little that I barely remembered them by the time the credits thankfully rolled. Overall, this is at the top of the list for the bottom of the discount bin at Walmart.

Kaitlin L (es) wrote: "Jesus Henry Christ" (2012) is a quirky independent comedy about Henry James Herman, an extremely intelligent ten-year-old boy and test-tube baby with an impeccable memory, and his journey to locate the sperm donor that helped create him. While trying to find his true father, Henry ends up learning a great deal more about his family and himself.The only reason I didn't give this film a "5" is because some of the visual effects were poorly done and looked weird. But that's the only issue I had with it. The performances were exceptional, especially from both the child actors. I loved the humor of this film. It was very deadpan and dark at times, which was terrific. Also, the presentation of the story is very unique, specifically the editing and plot progression. The ninety minutes flew by, and I found myself wishing there was more.So if you're looking for a quirky independent comedy with heart, watch this movie!

Scott C (ag) wrote: Every aspiring screenwriter should see this before deciding to move forward or throw in the towel.

Tim M (es) wrote: Also a spoof of "Scarface", this comedy is more "jaja" than "haha". However, even gringos will have a hard time not enjoying this farcical look at a ragtag band of Mexicans. "Tomate!"

Andreas K (jp) wrote: Good performence by Jude Law, happy ending doesn't ring true

Michael W (ru) wrote: Average thriller has local girl traumatized by a funeral director and his obsessive son (Bill Paxton). Treads water mostly with subplot about missing friend that is dropped and seances that proves ultimately insignificant. Still, always good to see Waltons favourite Mary McDonough.

Wiebke K (es) wrote: I liked the emphasis on tango and the fact that Banderas can sing. -- but the editing was a bit topsy turvy.

Mike N (us) wrote: a pretty uncharming love story that manages to stay somewhat engrossing.

John F (au) wrote: Great movie about politics, commercialism and pursuit of the almighty office

Garth D (de) wrote: Fairly solid b-movie, with some pretty good performances (specifically Mickey Rourke who actually doesn't look like some kind of alien, which is odd considering I've only recently seen him in Sin City, The Wrestler and Once Upon a Time in Mexico, and it's hard to remember that he once looked like a human being), but it was a little too short. The second act could have used a good maybe 10 minutes more to develop some of the relationships. Also, cool to see Morgan Freeman in a non wise-old-man role, playing a somewhat smarmy cop.

Christopher C (ca) wrote: This is a very different Bond. This whole movie is about revenge. A very good story that gives you the full story upfront. The action is pretty good. Overall a good Bond movie.

Scott M (gb) wrote: I tried watching this once. Never again. How it won the Oscar for Best Picture is crazy.

Kara H (gb) wrote: Okay at best, but scared the crap out of me as a kid.


RC M (ru) wrote: Ultra low budgeter starring a VERY young Jack Nicholson as a ammoral hot-rodder. Worth a look!

Linda F (ag) wrote: flipping through the channels this morning, i came across this beauty.when i saw it had a 2% critic rating on RT, it was a must watch.i'd say that the 35% audience rating was a little bit more fair.

Alexander P (gb) wrote: This movie provides an interesting insight into male relationships but its lack of plot and on-screen events makes it quite disappointing.

Mark D (it) wrote: Very enjoyable Hammer-esq horror anthology. Not the most shocking of endings but its fun getting there and with Cushing, Lee and Sutherland you cant go wrong.