The Legend of Lylah Clare

The Legend of Lylah Clare

A dictatorial film director (Finch) hires an unknown actress (Novak) to play the lead role in a planned movie biography of a late, great Hollywood star.

A dictatorial film director (Finch) hires an unknown actress (Novak) to play the lead role in a planned movie biography of a late, great Hollywood star. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jamie C (ca) wrote: An ok crime comedy film with a good story and a few good laughs thrown in, I loved Zombieland so when I heard it was from the same director I was looking forward to it, But I was left expecting maybe a little more from this film, But on the whole a good watch.

tiffany d (mx) wrote: One, this story is not just a continuation of Pitch Black. It is the 3rd in the series. This was most certainly made for the fans who have kept up with the films. The story line picks up almost immediately after the end of the 2nd film, Chronicles of Riddick, with Riddick being the leader of the Necromongers. The action is very true to the first two films and I was quite pleased. As a fan of the series, I am quite happy. Now for a 4th.

Tim M (br) wrote: A story of a Muslim king and a Hindu princess that united a subcontinent. Din-e Ilahi (Religion of God) was a synthesis, primarily of Islam and Hindu. It didn't work out, being the official religion of the Mughal Empire for less than 25 years. King Naresuan satisfied my curiosity about 16th century Asian consolidaters. I only got through the first hour. It's a boring political drama/romance.

Mariana M (de) wrote: Great movie, I love Terrance Howard, He is a great actor. A great movie.

Scott W (jp) wrote: watching it now, and pretty good, but, love the boy... LOL he can do me doggy style

Daniele C (mx) wrote: It's not about fear, it's all about atmosphere and....darkness.A good story, with a strong climax and a solid acting around.A must see!

Shawn R (it) wrote: Surreal movie, that makes you think... ind of liek John Edwards but wihout all the fake stuff..

Harry W (it) wrote: As the film that finally won Robert Duvall an Academy Award for Best Actor, Tender Mercies was a must see film for me. Tender Mercies is a bit rushed in pacing at the start. Before even 12 minutes of the story are over, Mac Sledge goes from a washed up alcoholic music singer to a happily married man and the excessive of cuts leaves out a bunch of points in between. The film eventually settles, but it is easy for everything to just rush by the eyes of the viewer because everything just skips by seriously quickly. It's a little ridiculous, so it doesn't give the best start to the film. Eventually it settles down and improves, but for a little while it just does too much in too little time. Once it settles, everything gets better. It settles on a slow and gentle pace, and although the story in the film doesn't break new ground and may be a little slow for some, the organic development of the story is one of its best aspects. The harsh nature of Tender Mercies lies within the characters, not on the surface. And for viewers to feel the film, they have to really look beneath the surface. And the story eventually develops to a point where it is easy to see what is happening. Thanks to the strong script, Tender Mercies takes a meaningful examination of its themes on a realistic level without ever going into melodramatic territory, and it helps to overshadow the thin nature of the plot. One interesting line in particular is when Mac Sledge reveals how he has been able to deal with his troubled life all along, he says "See, I don't trust happiness. I never did; I never will." as part of a soliloquy questioning why his once sorry existence has been given meaning only to be shattered again. It is at this moment that I realised who Mac Sledge is. He is a cowboy, but not a gun blazing cowboy. He is a retired musician, a man admired for his talents which he refuses to use again while he lives out the rest of his life as a man of stoicism with the wreckage of his past still haunting him. Mac Sledge seems simple on the surface , but it isn't until the end of the film that you realise just how complicated a character he is, and Robert Duvall manages to get the part excellently which reveals how he earned his Academy Award for Best Actor. So Tender Mercies earns a lot from the skilful writing behind it which deservingly earned itself an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay due to the tenderly written and thought provoking nature of its story and its language.I'm a person who isn't the biggest fan of religion because of all the harm it has caused the world, but Tender Mercies took the themes on gently. It refused to be a religious propaganda film which boasted about how religion was a lot better than atheism or some other belief system. Instead, it simply told a small scale story about how religion improved one man's life as he climbed his way back up from rock bottom and settled down, and it took an unbiased look at the way that it benefits the characters as well as how it causes them to be constantly uncertain. Tender Mercies takes an honest look at the positive and negative aspects of religion, and so it's screenplay is more honest in that way also. The screenplay in Tender Mercies is great simply because of how it touches upon many themes and characters in a meaningful and subtle way, and it is a very easy film to watch which moves along gently for a simple short running time of 92 minutes.And through mixing a classical film style with a western one, Tender Mercies creates a nice visual style to it. By combining a lot of western scenery with some western cinematography techniques as well as some more classical ones, it establishes its own kind of visual style which is nice. The camerawork is always good at capturing the wide spectacle of things. Many films require a lot of shots to capture the perfect acting talents of their casts which are then edited together rather quickly. In Tender Mercies, the camera instead pulls back and shoots from a slight distance so that all the acting can be seen in extended shots. Tender Mercies' acting is do good that it requires minimal editing to get it right, and the cinematography doesn't even have to zero in on the faces of its actors to achieve the mood. Tender Mercies has a classical feel to it which makes it feel like an older film than it is, almost giving it a sense of wisdom which reflects the kind of passion that Mac Sledge has within him but has become blinded by being haunted by the wreckage of his past and his alcohol problem. The style of the film reflects the mindset of Mac Sledge, and it becomes more quick as things become more intense in his mind. After the rush of the intro, the pace becomes good, and the general feel of the film cements itself well. And from there, viewers are settled and able to appreciate the skill of the cast, particularly Robert Duvall.Robert Duvall is known for giving performances on many high profile performances in gritty films, so to see him taking on the leading role in such a low key and gentle drama film is terrific. And his performance is restrained. He consistently maintains the stoicism and hidden wisdom of a cowboy archetype, and he generates a really interesting character simply on they story surrounding him. Robert Duvall sucks the viewers in with the complicated mind of his character which he keeps subtle and beneath his surface, and so he captures the role perfectly. Even when he sings he is great because he articulates his voice so perfectly that he sings words like a poet. You can tell that he has a lot of spirit because he puts it into his voice without problem. Robert Duvall's performance in Tender Mercies shows a spiritual side to him, one which is uplifting in its subtlety and easily compelling, and the role of Mac Sledge is one of the most complex and likeable that he has ever portrayed before. Robert Duvall is the best part of Tender Mercies.Tess Harper's performance as Rosa Lee is also terrific. Consistently capturing the uncertainties that come with being the wife of an alcoholic country singer, Tess Harper creates a character who is very compelling and easy to sympathise for. She creates a very likeable character and shares a complicated chemistry with Robert Duvall which had a lot of romantic passion in it. The kind of dedication that Tess Harper puts into her performance is great because she is a similarly restrained character who has a lot hidden within her, but she projects a very enjoyable persona a which makes her a great counterpart to Robert Duvall. Tess Harper works terrifically in Tender Mercies, and she makes the film more enjoyable and easy to watch.Betty Buckley's supporting effort is terrific simply because of the kind of emotional tenacity she produces for her character. When she is on stage she sings with a serious passion, but when she is off it she is dedicated to keeping her character's daughter away from her ex-husband. The strength of the hostility that she projects is realistic and affirming to the character which suggests a certain kind of distress caused by Mac Sledge in the relationship and incorporates a further sense of mystery into the film. Betty Buckley is a great supporting actress in Tender Mercies and her chemistry with Robert Duvall is terrific.Ellen Barkin also gives a fine supporting effort because of her youthful charm and energetic spirit, and Allan Hubbard gives a fine effort too.All in all, slow and simple, Tender Mercies is a gentle and subtle but dramatically effective western drama anchored by a top performance from Robert Duvall.