The Legend of Michael Mishra

The Legend of Michael Mishra

A college tour group stopped in front of a restaurant because a tyre was punctured. Fp (Boman Irani) is managing the "Michael Mishra ka Dhaba". While in the restaurant, one of the students asks Fp about the story of Michael Mishra. The events of the movie are executed in a flashback by Fp. Michael Mishra is a young boy who is a talented tailor. Due to various events, he turns into a kidnapper. He falls for a girl, Varsha Shukla, at a very young age. He was arrested and sent to jail. After his release from jail, he searched but couldn't find her. He then finds her in a talent show. The story revolves around how he gets his love and what he has to go through.

Michael Mishra, a kidnapper from Patna, falls for a girl, Varsha Shukla, at a very young age. He got arrested and sent to jail. After releasing from jail, he searched for her but couldn't ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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