The Lesser Evil

The Lesser Evil

Twenty-two years ago four friends went to the quarry on the edge of town with a case of beer and a loaded handgun. At the end of the day the beer was gone, the gun was empty and a stranger lay dead at the bottom of the quarry. Now, the four are together again, trying to deal with their actions in the face of guilt and a new police investigation.

When four young boys decide to go over-board with dealing with two bullies, they believe they can get away with their crime. Years later, new evidence appears and the cops are back on the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kyle O (ru) wrote: Wonderful. Absolutely enjoyed this.

Sarjoun S (gb) wrote: Interesting, but what's the message?

Spencer D (ca) wrote: Listen... Yelling to the Sky - a powerful movie. A must see! A dear and truthful film about life long choices. Quiet yet eased with gripping punches that will have one ask questions about their own hands, verbalize soul, and inner power. Victoria Mahoney (director) alongside a superb cast knock this 5 star dramatic film out Yankee Stadium! Fabian Andrew Spencer Gibbs

Adrien S (ag) wrote: C'est avec ce film que j'ai dcouvert Claude Chabrol et Isabelle Huppert. Ce fut un choc ! A voir aussi pour la class' de Jacques Dutronc, et la beaut d'Anna Mouglalis.

Greg W (ca) wrote: this is the '90's version of this often told tale set in Sherwood forest

Blake E (mx) wrote: It's the midnight special... actually, it's The Twilight Zone movie and is wonderfully enjoyable to watch. 3 out of the 4 short films are great whereas the other is mediocre , but still enjoyable. Highlight is definitely the last short film starring John Lithgow, good quality cinema!

Paul D (de) wrote: An early John Carpenter and his last before he had significant success and acclaim with each subsequent effort. This is a real low-budget affair, and although he composed the music too, it doesn't feel that prominent in the grand scheme of things like his future works. Set in space this one is labelled as a comedy, but if you view it like that you have to appreciate the subtleties of production otherwise there's little to directly laugh at.

Candy H (ru) wrote: it wasn nice to watch Paul Walker in a role that didn't involve fast racing cars!

Kaya H (ru) wrote: A WTF-Movie that starts promising, but at the end you don't really know what is happening in the Moment