The Life Before Her Eyes

The Life Before Her Eyes

As the 15th anniversary of a fatal high school shooting approaches, former pupil Diana McFee is haunted by memories of the tragedy. After losing her best friend Maureen in the attack, Diana has been profoundly affected by the incident - her seemingly perfect life shaped by the events of that day.

A woman's survivor's guilt from a Columbine-like event twenty years ago causes her present-day idyllic life to fall apart. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alexandru S (us) wrote: Acting: 3.5/5Story: 1.5/5Perception: 2.5/5The idea behind the movie is quite uninteresting but the cast got me to watch it. And with some funny moments every now and then I went through until the end.

Brian S (au) wrote: Poor Robert Englund; he seems to be running out the clock on his career by starring in a string of sub-par horror flicks, including this clunker. Englund should be doing better. In fact, 1.5 of the 2 stars I've given this stinker are due entirely to his menacing presence, as Inkubus has nothing else going for it at all. The story is riddled with logical inconsistencies. Why would a demon, capable of taking over minds and bodies, disappearing at will and telekinesis, need to haul around a huge knife that springs from his wrist at opportune plot points, for instance? Nobody else in the flick delivers a performance worth watching. The whole thing is a muddle of vignettes of brutality strung together by the presence of a demon who, while imaginative about how he kills, isn't creative enough to come up with a good name for himself - hence the backwards "k" in his name. If he can do that, why not give himself an interesting name, at least? Dumb, dumb, dumb, and here's Englund stuck right in the middle of it all. And Joey Fattone as a police captain? Seriously? He was a better actor when he was in a boy band; he's dead weight in Inkubus, and the decision to cast him as a lead here should be enough to end the career of whomever made that dreadful decision. Then again, THAT may be the scariest thing about Inkubus after Englund's yeoman attempt at doing the best he can do with the awful material he's been given.There's plenty of gore in Inkubus, but there's not enough blood to cover the problems with this low budget loser of a supernatural horror flick. Send it back to Hell!

Melee X (fr) wrote: A man who knows what sharks are, and what people must do to rescue an endangered species, people must learn that these animals are important, and that we are the reason why they are dying. We need to do something and help save them to make it up to them. This documentary magnifies our power to rescue sharks

Maisam M (kr) wrote: This movie tells a true story about what happened in India between muslims and hindus, its a nice film but its not the film i do love to watch, independs who likes this sort of films.. it might be good for some..

World Conqueror (kr) wrote: I really like Stephen Baldwin and David AR White, so this one was a real bonus for me.

Becky H (br) wrote: A dark look at a character who appears to have it all, yet can't keep it together. It pokes fun at what it means to be a celebrity. I enjoyed that Giovanni Ribisi had an opportunity to show what a strong performer he can be. Goldberg's cinematic style is impressive as well.

shelly b (ru) wrote: Was a bit iffey for first five or ten minutes, but turned out to be a great movie

Felipe P (gb) wrote: Mala, tiene buena pinta, buena msica, buen color pero es mala. Una caricatura de la esquizofrenia con elementos antisociales y sado/masoquistas.

Frdric H (us) wrote: Anglique doesn't come close to the original with the amazing actors Michle Mercier and Robert Hossein. Pass and go watch the 1964 movie which is still by far a classic.

Daniel R (nl) wrote: Tom Cruise in an unforgettable role stars as a hitman who jumps into the cab of a middle-aged black male (Jaime Foxx in a career performance) and forcibly rents the cab for the night holding the driver hostage. Along the way, Cruise assassinates his victims and soon learn that he is eliminating witnesses set to testify at a high profile trial. Pinkett-Smith is equally good as a passenger who strikes up conversation with cab driver Foxx. This action flick is choreographed suspense that makes Hollywood movies fun and exciting again. Wonderfully directed by Michael Mann.

Khaled M (it) wrote: Was lost most of the time , but I can't deny the exquisite cinematography.

Wade W (ag) wrote: Frankly, I don't care what many are saying about Vantage Point. Yes, it has some sloppy performances and the story is a little disjointed. But, I can't deny the fact that I had a great time and was on the edge of my seat throughout. This type of film would be difficult to direct and produce, given its unique style, so I greatly respect the filmmakers. Quaid, Hurt and Fox are the standouts as far as acting goes. The movie tends to be silly and unrealistic at times, but it sure did entertain me.